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Pomelo Fashion Malaysia – Best Online Fast Fashion for Ladies [2024]

Updated February 16, 2021

Pomelo Malaysia – Shopping Guide for Ladies

Getting comfy in that cotton lounge set or just an old high school tee is indefinite especially during this MCO period. But when it’s time to get into that zoom call, an old ragged tee just won’t do. Take this opportunity to hone your fashion style while being stuck at home.

Save yourself the struggle of dressing up for an unannounced zoom meeting by your boss!

Get in with the latest trend while chilling at home. Here are some our favourite Pomelo Malaysia inspired styles to shop.

#1 Childhood Dreamer

An irresistible collaboration between Pomelo and The Powerpuff Girls™. Our favourite childhood girls embellished onto comfy streetwear and athleisure inspired outfits.

The Powerpuff Girls™ Cropped Hoodie in Beige

A little basic with a touch of extra. This cropped hoodie with it’s corset like bottom stitching  will definitely stand out in your closet.

The Powerpuff Girls™ Highwaist Sweatpants in Beige

Crime fighting in this sweats, Mojo Jojo wouldn’t stand a chance. With the sweat being highwaist, not only will it be comfy, it’ll give you the illusion of legs for days.


#2 Home Escapades Set

Dreaming of going on a hike but you’re stuck at home. This set mixes fashion and adventure together that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out.

Adjustable Drawcord Bucket Hat in Brown

A bucket hat would be a great touch to any outfit to give off a more relaxed and casual look. 

Contrast Twin Pocket Crop Top

A little contrast to your basics to give that fun twist in your outfit. This crop top is a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a little spin.

Contrast Twin Pocket Shorts

This outfit as a set is great but you can even pair this shorts with any other basic crop top as an extra touch of colour.


#3 Sexy All Day & Night

Look hot and feel sexy at home. Wearing comfy doesn’t necessarily mean it has to look baggy. Boost your confidence with this sexy sleepwear fit.

Peplum Button Up Cami in Black

Feel powerful with this cami top with a peplum design to give off that small waist and feminine touch.

Satin Line Pyjama Shorts in Black

Get real comfy with this satin shorts. It’ll be as if you’re sleeping on a smooth soft frictionless surface. Plus, it makes you look hot and effortless.


#4 Stay at Home Model

Strut your style at home with this outfit. A little twist to your usual styles which makes a great way of adding detail without being too much.

Sustainable Cutout Cropped Tank Top in Blue

Say yes to sustainable wear especially if it’s this cute. A simple blue tank with a cut out to give off a smaller waist look.

Water Neutral Wide Leg High Waisted Denim Jeans in Beige

So no-no to skinnys and get yourself a wide-legged pants. These pants are known to give an overall taller look especially when you pair it with heels.


#5 Butterfly Print Set

Get in trend with this cute and quirky Butterfly Print set. It mixes play and comfort all in one outfit.

Butterfly Print Crop Top in White

Not too showy but a little dreamy. Get that girl next door look with this Butterfly Print Top. It adds a little fun innocent flare to your outfit.

Butterfly Print High Waisted Shorts in White

A flattering high waist shorts with a fun pattern. What is there not to love about it.


#6 CEO of Sleeping

Sleep like a boss, wake up like a boss. This outfit certainly gives off the vibe that you own it all. Not only is it comfy, it looks high end without actually being pricey.

Oversized Wrap Blazer in Black

A little kimono inspired but shorter, this lightweight wrap blazer is great for giving your a little blanket warmth without being too hot as you go about your day at home.

High Waisted Wide Leg Pants in Black

Match the blazer with a black wide leg pants to bring out the white outlines of the blazer.


Pomelo Fashion Malaysia is the latest trending online fashion shopping site you wouldn’t want to miss. With collaborations with our favourite brands such as Grab, Barbie, and even Powerpuff Girls. They create the new fashion statements and trends.

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