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Top 5 Bearbrick Malaysia Shop For Collectors

Updated December 16, 2021

Top 5 Bearbrick Malaysia Shop For All Collectors

Nowadays Trendy toys -(also known as Vinyl toys, art toys, designer toys, collectible figures, etc) no matter what you call them, are pretty famous and collectible and most of them have some history behind them, especially for this brand – Bearbrick

Although they are just a figure or toys, this is not a product for children, they are something that is incorporated with art, design, street, painting, sculpture and other trend elements, each of them has its own unique style and concept, and is usually released in limited quantities. Generally like Bearbrick, they have a certain cultural meaning or background story, and the value of the art collection is even greater than that of playfulness toys.

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Trendy toys are the cross-border creation of toy manufacturers and the art design world has enabled toys to achieve a magnificent turn towards the world of adult consumption. It has also found a brand-new art platform for designers that is full of childlike and ingenious ideas to splurge their imagination.

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bearbrick with edison chen

source: yishuzs

bearbrick with jay chou

source: Jaychou@IG

Hypebear Shop – Bearbrick Malaysia Shop

Hypebear Shop has most of the collection of limited edition Bearbrick Malaysia. Bearbrick is a product launched by a well-known Japanese toy company called Medicom Toy. The person who created BE@RBRICK is also Medicom Toy’s owner Tatsuhiko Akashi.

bearbrick, art toys, designer toys

The standard size of a Bearbrick is 7cm and is also called 100% which has also another size like 50%, 70%, 400%, and 1000%. Most of the collectors will buy 400%, the smallest size will be from 3.5 cm to 70cm is now the largest size of Bearbricks that sell in the market. 

bearbrick size

souce: blog.fromjapan

From 2001 Bearbricks will come with different series by series and each series will have a different theme such as BASIC, JELLYBEAN, PATTERN, FLAG, VILLAIN, SF, CUTE, ANIMAL, ARTIST, HERO AND ETC.

Here are some of the rarest hypebear malaysia collections that collaborate with KAWS, Chanel, and many others.

Bearbrick crossover kaws

source: StockX

BE@RBRICK collaborate with KAWS and the limited ones could easily sell up to RM20,000. 


source: StockX

This is one of the limited BE@RBRICK that is collaborating with Coco Channel which has sold for Rm 80,000 on the market.

V6Mart – Alternative Bearbrick Malaysia Collection: FunkoPop

One of the most popular toy collections you can never miss is Funko pop. With the rising popularity of the Funko Pop collection by collectors, V6mart is bringing you a few popular series such as Marvel, Harry Potter, One Piece, and more. 

Screenshot 2021 12 22 at 2.07.01 PM

Funko Pop – many people are asking why is Funko Pop such a big hit and popular in the world? Simply because the brand itself makes tons of different characters that people love either movie stars, anime series, and more which are designed in a very small & cute way. Besides that,  the brand itself came with a large collection of licensed materials that allows them to reach out across multiple different fan bases. Most importantly, it is aesthetically pleasing The easiness to collect pops can also be contributed to its popularity and success. They come in neat windowed packages and are easy to store.

Kaws – Alternative Bearbrick Malaysia Collection

Nowadays many people have heard of KAWS but do you know who’s behind it? The original name is Brian Donnelly, an artist who was born in New Jersey, the USA in 1974, he is a street artist and a representative of graffiti art. In 2006, he Created Original Fake, a street fashion brand, and used various unique Kaws-style representative elements to enter the fashion apparel market. When he was young he was very interested in graffiti. Looking back at his textbook, it has become his “graffiti book”. All kinds of monsters with peculiar shapes that you understand are all his “frequent visitors”.

KAWS Thumbnails vinyl toy

After graduating from university, Kaws did informally work for Disney and MTV TV. After getting help from friends, he took the risk of injecting his own skull logo elements into the advertising posters of New York City bus stops and telephone booths and changed it into a new look. Since then, KAWS has become famous in one fell swoop. 


souce: townandcountrymag

KAWS’ COMPANION, the character with signature skull crossbones head, crossed eyes, white gloves and boots, is the artist’s most iconic creation. below is more vinyl toys or art toys from this artist.

KAWS_Companion Flayed Open Edition

Δ Source: StockX ( Companion Flayed Open Edition )


Δ Source: StockX ( Gone KAWS )


Δ Source: StockX ( KAWS Companion Star Wars Edition )


Δ Source: ( KAWS creation for MTV )


Δ Source: ( KAWS Spongebob)

Those limited edition for KAWS vinyl toy is expensive and highly collectable.

souce: townandcountrymag

KAWS’ COMPANION, the character with signature skull crossbones head, crossed eyes, white gloves and boots, is the artist’s most iconic creation. below is more vinyl toys or art toys from this artist.

MICHAEL LAU – Altnerative Bearbrick Malaysia Collection

Michael Lau is a Hong Kong designer who owns the name of “the godfather of designer toys,”. When he held a solo exhibition, he made the figures in his paintings into 6-inch vinyl toys, which aroused a huge response.

Michael always said “All art is toys, all toys are art.”Michael believes that a meaningful collection should not be assessed based on its monetary value, but should more importantly evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentiment.




Source: pinterest ( Michael Lau’s gardener palmer series )

Takashi Murakami – Mr.DOB: Vinyl Art Piece Collection

Mr. DOB was created in 1993. The appearance combines the well-known video game characters Sonic Boy and Doraemon; these two cartoon characters happen to have blue bodies and white bellies. The combination of various elements becomes this Mickey Mouse-like mixture, with D written in the right ear, B written in the left ear, and a smiling face between the two ears.


Source: newarteditions ( Limited edition Takashi Murakami x Complexcon Mr Dob Vinyl Toy Figure)

Murakami Takashi’s image of Mr. DOB was not only printed on posters, and became the mascot and logo pattern of this provincial capital, but was also transformed into various peripheral products. for example Vinyl toys, art toys, or product from the artist Murakami Takashi is highly collectable nowdays.

takashi murakami collaborations with louis vuitton

Source: thevalue ( Limited edition Takashi Murakami collaboration Louis Vuitton)

takashi murakami collaborations with off white

Source: thevalue ( Limited edition Takashi Murakami collaboration with Off White’s founder Virgil Abloh)

POP MART – Alternative Funko Pop & Bearbrick Malaysia Collection

Nowadays most people will know the name pop mart because one of the famous vinyl designer toys called Molly is from this company.2010 Pop mart’s first shop was open in Beijing, China. The store sold many different types of products, and its founder Wang Ning found himself dealing with many issues. after that in 2014, he enrolled at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management and met his like-minded classmates who later joined Pop Mart’s management team to help him out. To maintain profitability, Pop Mart reduced their product lines and decided to offer only toys, which were their most popular product. Pop mart went from one shop to chain stores situated in prime shopping malls. This toymaker has created one of the most trendiest collectible designer toys in China today. 

pop mart_CEO_wang ning

Δ Source: ( POP MART’s founder Wang Ning)


POP_MART_Molly_My_childhoodpop mart_molly

Δ Source: ( POP MART Molly My Childhood Series)

This is Pop mart one of the most famous IP series named Molly – a cute little girl. Every Pop Mart figure collection is sealed inside a box which people can’t tell from the packaging which figures you will buy before you open it, that’s why it’s called a blind box and this is the only way to collect all the series that you want. It’s pretty easy to understand what a blind box is. Just something like a “pokemon card”.Depending on the series, the price of a blind box is usually 59 RMB. There are always one or a few “hidden figures” in every collectible series. The hidden figures collection is highly collectible in the trading market. People are willing to trade the hidden one at three or sometimes even ten times more than their original cost. Blind boxes give Pop Mart’s figures a social function where youngsters nowadays will like to collect the whole series and they can share their experience with others through social media.

pop mart_blind box

pop mart_blind box

Δ Source: ( POP MART Molly My Childhood Series blind box)


pop mart

Δ Source: ( POP MART in Beijing Mall)


Δ Source: (Pop Mart Minions Rides Series)

PopMart now has many different IP(Intellectual Property) such as Molly, Pocky, Dimon and others. PopMart will also collaborate with other famous brands such as Disney, Minions, harry Potter etc.


Conclusion: Recap of the TOP 5 Bearbrick Malaysia & Figure Collective Shops 

For your information, the arrangements of hair specialists or trichologists featured are not by their ranking. We hope that with these best street styles of fashion shops & brands around Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, you’ll be inspired to style like a true Hypebeast! Culture never dies for fashionistas & enthusiastic! 

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