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10 Best Mattresses Brands in Malaysia – Better Sleep [2024]

Updated March 29, 2022

Finding for the best mattress for a good, deep & relaxing sleep? 

No Worries! We are here to help you to choose the 10 best mattress brand available in Malaysia for you!

10 Best Mattresses in Malaysia

Macio Home – Heropedic Mattress

heropedic hp copy.png

Macio Home’s signature Heropedic mattress is one of the most affordable luxury mattresses or beds you can afford in Malaysia. It comes with a 10 Years Warranty by the brand itself and also on top of that it is a latex-based mattress with Tencel fabric on top. Their pocket spring system is also engineered by German standards and manufactured locally to make sure their mattress is affordable and high quality. In addition, it also keeps you cool and dries all night long by balancing your body temperature, absorbing excess heat to prevent overheating, and releasing heat to keep you cool and dry, thanks to their Tencel fabrics. This mattress also offered free shipping & 0% installment~

Price Starting From RM999 onwards. Price may vary on different platforms, in addition, their official website does have ongoing promotions from time to time –

Sonno Malaysia – Sonno Lite MattressSonno lite

Sonno Malaysia’s most affordable yet premium signature Sonno Lite mattress is one of the most affordable luxury mattresses or beds you can afford in Malaysia. It also comes with a 10 Years Warranty by the brand itself – one of the best claimed by the brand itself is a 100 sleep night trial for FREE! In addition, some of the key benefits or features offered by this sonno mattress are – 0 motion transfer, dust mite resistance & zero springs attachment that claims to reduce body ache! This mattress also offered free shipping & 0% installment~

Price Starting From RM999 onwards. Price may vary on different platforms, in addition, their official website does have ongoing promotions from time to time –

Origin Malaysia – Origin Hybrid Mattress

origin hybrid mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a fantastic mattress for sleepers who like a medium-firm mattress but are also looking for comfort and support. This is a great choice for someone who wants a good night’s sleep without sacrificing comfort.

With a total of six layers, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is super comfortable. It features a memory foam layer that will mold itself to your body, as well as a pocket spring layer for added support and pressure relief. It also has a natural latex cover, which is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. It also contains no formaldehyde or flame retardants, and it’s CertiPUR-US certified. It’s also safe for kids and the environment.

This mattress is especially suitable for people who are pregnant or recovering from injuries. It has a gentle, yet firm feel that won’t cause back pain.

Price Starting From RM1225 with 60% Sitewide Discount NOW for easter sales this April. Price may vary on different platforms, in addition, their official website does have ongoing promotions from time to time – it’s also one of the best mattresses you can get. It’s available in three different sizes: king, queen, and twin.

Most of the reviewers mentioned that I had no idea that a mattress could feel so good! If you’re looking for a great mattress that will not disappoint, then the Origin Hybrid Mattress is a good choice. It won’t break the bank, and it’s a very good investment.

Joey Mattress Malaysia – The Joey Mattress


The Joey Mattress is made of a proprietary foam called J-Foam™. J-Foam™ is a modern foam that is unrivaled in terms of comfort and durability. This mattress provides a comfortable medium firmness for side sleepers. While the mattress is comfortable enough for side sleepers, it still has enough bounce and pressure relief for back sleepers.

It is also made of 8 CM J-Foam Comfort™ engineered for maximum pressure-point relief, it’s free from any harmful chemicals and heavy metals, making it safe for everyone. It’s also CertiPUR-US® certified, so it’s safe for the planet too which is similar to Origin Mattress. They provide customers to try it for a 99 Night Risk-Free Trial and up to 10 years warranty!

Starting from the price of RM1,350.00 It’s available in three different sizes: Single, Super Single, king, and queen –

Emma Mattress Malaysia – Emma Original Mattress

emma original mattress

The Emma Original is a premium bed made for those who love to sleep, whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper. Unlike other stores that sell mattresses, they offer 100 nights trial to those who will buy. This is to let the customers see how the product would work on them for over three months. They also offer up to 10 years warranty!

What’s unique about Emma Original Mattress is that it is a mattress for all sleeping positions! No matter if you sleep on your side, back, or on your stomach, their three-layered mattress core adapts to any body shape to align your spine.

Another factor why people buy is how it is pressure-relieving. Its high-quality foams work together to distribute all pressures evenly across the entire mattress. It also has seven zones designed to distribute pressure optimally with ergonomic zones for the head, shoulder, the curvature of the spine, pelvis, thigh, lower leg, and foot zone below the pelvis.

Starting from the price of RM1,099.00, available in three sizes: Single, Queen, and King –

Nosda Mattress Malaysia – Nosda Max Mattress

nosda original mattress

Original Nosda mattress is the ideal mattress for your sleep. It is the most popular mattress among Malaysians. The unique design of Nosda mattress is based on the feedback from the users. Its special airflow design provides a superior cooling effect and allows the user to sleep comfortably even during the hot season.

The Nosda Original mattress is made with high-quality, eco-friendly, and comfortable material. It comes with 6 layers:

1. The top layer is made with IceSilk, which fights heat-retention to make you sleep easy and wake up fresh and lively.

2. The second layer is a natural latex infused with activated charcoal that works to absorb odors, germs, and moisture.

3. The third layer is a 3cm thick cooling gel, which keeps the heat away and encourages airflow like never before.

4. The fourth layer, and perhaps the most notable of them all, is a 5-zoned contoured support foam layer that relieves pressure points, supports the user’s head, shoulders, and lower legs, and brings comfort to the upper body, lower body, and spine.

5. The fifth layer of the Nosda Original Mattress is contoured support foam. It allows the mattress to lay flat on any bed frame. A sturdy, firm base ensures a proper weight distribution and is key to providing an easy transition from crib to bed.

6. The final layer of Nosda Original Mattress aims to provide even firmer based with an anti-slip bottom cover that the mattress is firmly in place.

It is a very comfortable mattress and is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. It provides spinal support and allows the user to have a restful sleep. Starting from the price of RM1,899.00, available in four sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, and King –

Dunlopillo Mattress Malaysia – Dunlopillo Astoria Mattress

dunlopillo astoria mattress

Dunlopillo Astoria Mattress is a mattress that is designed to give you a deep and comfortable sleep. The mattress is comprised of a high-density foam core with a plush top layer of memory foam which rates 4.5 out of 10 as the indicator from soft to firm. It is made with nanosilver ions to help kill bacteria and mold and will last the lifetime of the product. It is also eco-friendly and is made with all-natural materials that are safe for your body. It is also pain relief and allergy-friendly. It is motion transfer resistant and will not sag or sag under pressure.

Nanosilver features by Dunlopillo Astoria:

1. Durable – effective for the life of your product. This fabric provides long-lasting antimicrobial performance.

2. Protects – fights bacteria, mold, and fungi to protect your textile and keep it fresh, clean, and odor-free.

3. EPA-registered – ecological, safe, and registered with the EPA in the United States.

4. With FAST-ACTION, you’ll eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria in only an hour!

Starting from the price of RM1,399.00, for now only available in 2 sizes: Single and Queen only –

Getha Malaysia – Getha Icon Luxury Mattress

getha luxury icon series mattress

Getha Malaysia is one of the most premium and luxury brand mattresses in the world – very popular among Malaysians. However, they introduced a more affordable yet luxury series of mattresses.

The Getha Icon Luxury Mattress is a luxury mattress that is made from the finest 100% natural latex. With its 100% natural latex support and anti-bacterial Nano Silver protection, it is an ideal mattress for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. Its smooth and elegant design is complemented with the best sleep technology to facilitate a natural, hygienic and healthy sleep environment. Indulge in the exquisite detailing and expert tailoring of the series in the comfort of your home.

It also comes with a tension relief anti-static protection feature – which helps to remove unwanted positive ions from the body to reduce static tension and stress which give you an unrivaled comfortable and luxurious sleep experience ever.  Last but not least, they also come with a limited 10 years warranty.

Starting from the price of RM3,599.00, available in four sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, and King:

Sweetdream Malaysia – Sweetdream Legend Bronze YY Mattress

sweetdream legend bronze YY mattress

Sweetdream Legend Bronze YY is a premium mattress that combines the firm support of the Bonnell spring core with the soft comfort of the top layer. The Legend Bronze YY is made to provide a smooth, restful night’s sleep for everyone. It is made for every person, and the top layer is designed to help you relax and make your sleep the best quality every night. It is designed to provide the firm support of the Bonnell spring core and the soft comfort of the top layer. However, this mattress only comes with a limited 5 years warranty which is lesser compared to what others are offering now in the market.

Top 5 Features of Legend Bronze YY from Sweetdream:

1. Bonnell Spring System with Compact Foam – Designed for long-lasting performance in support and mattress durability. Bonnell springs use an ‘M’ shaped stabilizer that reinforces each spring to act as one to provide the best support available for a bed.

2. Edge Foambox Support – Ensure mattress stability and long-lasting mattress health. Say no to the infamous mattress sag & get out of bed with better sitting support. Helpful for those with hip or joint pains sit on the bed steadily.

3. Comfort and Transition Layers – Transition layers are meant to add cushioning and bounce underneath the foam to protect the sleeper from potential pressure from the coil support core. This layer of foam offers a gentler transition to the firmer and high-density base foam.

4. Premium Foam Padding – Softer foam at the topmost layer to start absorbing the most amount of pressure to be distributed through the lower layers and finally spring system.

5. Breathable Jacquard Fabric – Lightweight, soft, and pleasant to touch. Knitted carefully and with soft materials, the fabric is breathable, odorless, and anti-dustmite. Enjoy a worry-free sleep.

Starting from the price of RM1,899.00, available in four sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, and King:

Goodnite Malaysia – Goodnite Love Series Mattress, In Love

Goodnite Love Series Mattress, In Love Mattress

With the love series, Goodnite aims to provide a better sleep experience to customers. Love Series III is a mattress that is made of high-quality materials with a unique design and features a unique combination of materials to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. It features 5 zones of pocket springs with high-density foam and a top layer of breathable polyester fiber. The mattress is designed to be anti-static and anti-microbial to eliminate static and dust mites.

Goodnite Love Series – In Love come with 5 layers:

1. DUOCARE Fabric – DUOCARE technology come with anti-static and cooling feature assuring you a cooler and deeper sleep every night.

2. High-Density Eco Foam – Palm oil-based eco foam helps to improve durability and provides a supportive sleep surface.

3. 5 Zone Pocket Spring – Designed in a way to provide superior alignment and pressure relief where you need it. In addition, it also provides a balanced, refreshing sleep and minimal disturbance from your partner during the sleep.

4. Encased Foam – Reinforced form border around the mattress to reduce the sagging effect, providing maximum sleeping surface without losing core support.

5. Bottom Panel – To support & provide an even firmer baprovidessed bottom cover that the mattress is firmly in place.

Starting from the price of RM1,799.00, available in four sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, and King:

Final Verdict – How To Choose The Best Mattress That Fits You?

Our team had dived deeper into factors that you should consider before buying the right mattress, based on word of mouth, online reviews, and personal experiences. The first thing first, is always about your budget! Depending on your budget and then only you can decide on mattress material, firmness, and coolness.

Let’s dive into factors that you should look into before making your purchasing decision,

1. Material is one of the main factors in choosing your right mattress, refer to the table below as we explained most of the materials used for beds since everyone has different likings. In our experience, latex provides us with the best support & sleep quality.

2. Firmness really depends on personal liking. In our experiences and survey with our readers,  80% like medium-firm mattresses because of the support that is not too hard and still provides the soft comfortable touch that provides good sleep.

3. Coolness-wise, materials like latex, gel, and coconut fiber are cooler. Followed by memory foam. And the warmest material is synthetic foam. So if you are looking for a better sleeping quality – we recommend latex and gel as for coconut fiber might be a bit too hard due to its material.


Type of Mattress That You Should Know Before Buying One.

Before going into purchasing process of any mattresses in Malaysia, let’s talk about the type of mattress available here. In general, there are 6 types of mattresses available as shown below:

Type of mattress in malaysia

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Common FAQ When Buying A Mattress in Malaysia

What is The Best Mattress Brands in Malaysia?

Our ranking for reviewing the Best Mattress Brand in Malaysia is not in order of placement and is based on our editor’s personal experiences, online reviews, research from our readers, and word of mouth:

1. Macio Home

2. Sonno Malaysia

3. Origin Malaysia

4. Joey Mattress Malaysia

5. Emma Mattress Malaysia

6. Nosda Mattress Malaysia

7. Dunlopillo Mattress Malaysia

8. Getha Malaysia

9. Sweetdream Malaysia

10. Goodnite Malaysia

What is the Best Type of Mattress?

We would highly recommend memory foam and latex-based material mattresses which have proven that provide the best support, cooling, and quality sleep in general. However, for others who required hard support for better back support during periods of sleep, we recommend mattress material that includes a pocket spring system.

How Often Do I Need To Change My Mattress?

In general, we recommend that your mattresses should be replaced every 8 to 10 years under normal circumstances.

How To Clean Your Mattress?

It’s important to clean and maintain your mattress in good condition to ensure durability and comfort. A dirty mattress may harbor dust mites and fungi that are unhygienic and may also negatively impact your health and trigger allergies.

1. Recommend using hot water and some mild detergent or an enzyme cleaner and dab with microfibre cloth slowly clean the surface of mattresses.

2. We recommend you use a handheld vacuum to do another round of cleaning and finally deodorize your mattress by sprinkling a layer of baking soda on it and letting it sit for a few hours, or what we usually use is febreeze that helps to kill bacteria while also deodorize your mattress!

3. Lastly, flip over your mattress and repeat the step 1 to step 2 – while flipping over the mattress will help to balance the mattress and provide you a better sleep after a long run.

How to Know If My Mattress Need A New One?

Here are some conditions that you could check on your mattress now to see if you need a new one,

1. Your mattress is starting to be uneven, drooping, and saggy. 
2. Your mattress when you sleep on it or move around starts to have noise.
3. When you wake up every morning, you felt tired, painful, achy, or even can’t fall asleep quickly as you first bought it.

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