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OHMOFIT – Latest Protein Shakes & Meal Replacement in Malaysia

Updated April 25, 2022

OHMOFIT Malaysia – Latest Protein Shake & Meal Replacement Malaysia

OHMOFIT Malaysia is a fast-growing startup company with a vision to change the face of the protein shakes & meal replacement industry locally, and for the world, for good! leading health and fitness brand in Malaysia. The company was founded in 2020 and has since grown to become a prominent brand in Malaysia which was founded by Multicare Resources Sdn. Bhd.

OHMOFIT is a nutritional supplement brand that would like to tackle the current lifestyle of busy adults to help them maintain a balanced diet and health, by providing an on-the-go protein or meal replacement shake without pre-preparation like other protein shakes on the market. The company uses a unique approach to health and wellness, the packaging as shown below, is similar to most of the drinks you can find in 7-11,

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Unique Offering by OHMOFIT

By focusing on the health benefits of protein shakes, OHMOFIT offers a complete and balanced meal replacement drink that is rich in essential nutrients which including, soy proteins, green peas, 18 multigrain that contains high fiber & vitamins, without coloring and preservatives, gluten-free and lastly claim to offer the highest plant-based protein up to 50.1g per 100g serving in the market now!

In addition, the chocolate blended into OHMOFIT is produced with real cocoa beans instead of artificial tasting in contrast to many other protein shake companies that focus on the taste of their product.


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Meal Replacement That Can Be Your Daily Healthy Drinks

This meal replacement drink offers soy protein – which is a great source of protein and is very low in fat and calories and only uses plant-based sugar. It’s also a good source of fiber and essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Not to mention our 18 multigrain too. Everything you need for a balanced diet is included in 1 protein drink!


Protein Drinks That Taste Good! No More Nasty Taste!

To make sure the taste of the protein shake stays authentic to Chocolate taste – the company used premium cocoa beans to produce an unrivaled taste of chocolate protein shake – the result is Delicious! Plant-based sugar only. Most importantly, the product itself doesn’t consist of any preservatives and is easy to consume on the go!


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Improve Your Metabolism!

Soybeans have been proven tons of times able to help boost your metabolism, not just also good at preventing obesity and heart disease. This is suitable for all ages and its ingredients are all organic.

Help You To Lose More Fats!

Combining their products and your exercise – helps to reduce your fats and keep you slim in the shortest period of time. In addition, it also keeps you full for up to 4 hours + without the sense of craving! Suitable for people that would like to lose more weight!

For gym kakis do try out this protein – works well for building muscles with their high protein per serving and burns your fat quicker.  Check out our another post for gym kaki too around KL, malaysia:

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Halal Certify & Vegan Friendly!

OHMOFIT signature chocolate flavor product – is Halal and most importantly, vegan friendly too. As they aim to provide the best to all levels of customers to try out!

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Conclusion: Worth The Try?

OHMOFIT currently offering official launching promotion with only RM188 per box with 15 packs inside it – per meal is only RM12.5! Not to mention Pace. New users, you can redeem RM25 Voucher Discount when purchasing with OHMOFIT – which makes it a great deal for you to try it!

In addition, the current running promotion – when purchasing 2 boxes, customers get extra 4 packs for free, and any new customer that purchased OHMOFIT – is entitled to join their lucky draw! A mysterious gift to be announced soon, follow their official Facebook & Instagram – ohmofit to know more!

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