Best Face Mask in Malaysia – Quantum Ion Mask/Cuion Resonance Antibacterial Face Mask

With the global viral pandemic covid-19 continuing to spread, we must all take neccessary protection measurement to protect each other from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – the basic is always the face mask. With the cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia raising rapidly without any signs of slowing down, looking for the best face mask Malaysia becoming the main protection concerns for many people.

Introducing the latest innovative and full of protection face mask in Malaysia – Cuion Mask previously known as Quantum Ion Mask. Cuion mask – By wearing them, you prevent your cough and sneeze fluids from travelling into the air and potentially infect others, on top of that it is resuable and washable with stylish black & grey colour available for adults and kids.

The Main Distrubutor of the Cuion Mask in now hot selling on Shopee Malaysia – starting from RM36.00 only – Cuion Mask.

Nevertheless, the best way to protect yourself and others during the pandemic is by staying home and practice social distancing. As we are now entering recovery phase in Malaysia, wearing face mask is crucial while going out in order to adapt and avoid this COVID-19 into our daily life. With that in mind, it’s important to keep yourself safe by wearing a face mask at all times.

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Best Face Mask in Malaysia – How Does Cuion Resonance Technology Works?

How Does Cuion Technology Work? Best Face Mask Malaysia - Cuion Mask


Cuion technology one of the latest antibacterial & virus protection proven by Universiti of Malaya. Best face mask you can get in Malaysia for now to protect yourself against viruses during this pandemic COVID-19.

Nano Silver Ionic/Nano Copper Ionic – Helps to eliminate pathogens without light activation.

Fusion Resonance Technology – This help to produce resonance energy that increase effectivness of active ingredients – antibacterial up to 24/7

TiO2 Titanium Dioxide – This is a photocatalyst that oxidizes all organic matter.

Tourmaline Crystal – This elements help to emit negative ions to neutralize & eliminate pathogens in the air.

Far infrared – This help to emit far infrared to stimulates blood circulation – increase body metabolism & immune system.

Cuion Face Mask Malaysia – Features & Protection

Cuion Mask - Best Face Mask Malaysia by Freebies4u MY


Cuion Resonance Antibacterial Mask is a high quality reusable mask, powered by Cuion antimicrobial coating technology.

List of Protection Features by Cuion Mask/Quantum Ion Mask:

FAST PROTECTION Eliminates 99.99% of Viruses – Research Certficates Proven from University of Malaya 

Rewashable 100X Without Losing its Properties

Quantum resonance and the outer layer has a resonance frequency to sterilise & deodorising 24 /7 


Cuion Face Mask Malaysia – Sustainable & High Protection Cuion Technology


    Cuion Face Mask Malaysia – Triple Layer: Design for the Best Protection


      Cuion Face Mask Malaysia – Available For Adults & Kids

      Adult Version (Black) – RM36.00 from Main Distrubutor on Shopee Malaysia


        Kids version (Grey) – RM 34.00 from Main Distributor on Shopee Malaysia

        Cuion Face Mask Malaysia – Final Thoughts

        Many people might be interested in comparing with other medical mask available in the market, here are some thought & summary comparing other masks with Cuion Mask,

        Surgical masks generally easy to break down and lose their effectiveness just for 4 hours a day and also f not stored in properly. Especially when its packages are left open, you should dispose of them to prevent any potential bacterial infection.

        N95 masks sealed in packages have a shelf life of up to five years from production date and yet highly effective compare to surgical masks. However, you will notice that it is difficult in breathing while wearing it due to the design of more air tigh.

        Cloth masks should be washed daily for hygiene purposes and in terms of protection it is the weakest one among all masks available in the market.

        Cuion mask is more advanced in term of protection & usability – rewashable/sustainable. The duration of protection does not depends on the storage condition and yet still providing 24/7 antibacterial protection & dedeoderize the mask itself 24/7. On top of that it is cost effective & washable up until 100 times before protection degrades.

        Last but not least, here a simple guide for wearing any type of masks properly,

        Steps For Wearing Face Mask Properly For Maximum Protection:

        • Before wearing your mask, clean your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water to prevent any possible contamination.
        • Earloop the mask over your ears.
        • Pull/spread the mask down to properly cover your mouth, chin & nose.
        • Ensure your mask is snugly fit with no gaps for maximum protection purpose.

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