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10 Best Camping Chairs in Malaysia – Portable & Easy [2024]

Updated September 18, 2023

Looking for best camping chairs that enhances a bonfire experience more than a cozy campfire chair to lounge in? Look no further, as we’ve summed up a list to help with your decision for all different types of camping chairs with their distinct characteristics!

Top 10 Camping Chairs in Malaysia

Decathlon Trekking /Foldable Camping Chair

Decathlon Trekking /Foldable Camping Chair

Source: Decathlon Malaysia

Price: RM 109.00 

Ideal for sporadic outdoor adventures, be it camping or simply relaxing in your garden, Decathlon’s large folding camping chair offers a comfortable seating solution. However, its fabric can be susceptible to prolonged UV ray exposure. While it’s not tailored as permanent “garden furniture”, ensuring its longevity is simple: remember to store it away when it’s not being utilized.


  • Compact design – Folds down small | Volume: 31 L | Dimensions: 87 x 20 x 18 cm

  • Easy transport – Integrated strap for easy carrying and transportation | Total weight: 3.6 kg

  • Easy opening & closing – Simple set-up, an elastic band is provided to keep the chair folded

  • Durability – Very sturdy tubes & fabric | Supports a maximum load of 150 kg

  • User comfort – 2 armrests | 1 cup holder | Seat height: 43 cm

Here are some reasons why this camping chair is often the preferred choice (Pros) & why you might not be suitable too (Cons):

• Compactness : It's ability to fold down for easy to carry!
• Integrated Transport Solutions with build-in strap!
• Ease of Use as no complicated function.
• Good Weight Support up to 150 kg
• User-Friendly.
• Comfortable Seating materials.
• Material durability didn't reach our expectation.
• Prevent for Permanent Outdoor Use.

Recho Outdoor Camping & Folding Chair

recho outdoor camping & folding chair

Source: Recho Outdoor

Price: RM 24.50

The REECHO foldup chair is an all-season portable camp chair designed for versatile outdoor use. It’s lightweight, collapsible, and ideal for camping, tailgating, or just relaxing outdoors. Made with a 100% polyester seat and a robust powder-coated steel frame, this chair ensures both comfort and durability. With easy setup and storage capabilities, this lightweight chair weighs only 1.8 kilograms yet can support up to 155 kg. It comes with additional features like a breathable 600D polyester fabric cover, a mesh cup holder, a premium stainless steel frame, and anti-slip rubber feet. It’s comparable to a director’s chair and comes with its own storage bag, making it easy to carry and store.


  • Size – About 50*50*80cm.

  • Net Weight – About 2kg.

  • Max Loading Weight – 155kg.

  • Portable – Folds Up To Fit Inside Most Car Trunks and Carry Bag For Easy Transport And Storage.

  • Material – Waterproof Oxford Cloth and High-Quality High-Strength Steel Bracket.

• Lightweight and Portable
• Durable Materials
• Comfortable Seating materials.
• Convenient Features with a mesh cup holder.
• Sturdy Construction.
• Bulkier than other Ultra-Light chairs.
• Might not suit prolonged sitting during our testing.

PandaCamp Outdoor Camping Kermit Chair

pandacamp outdoor camping kermit chair

Source: PandaCamp

Price: from RM38.40

The Pandacamp foldup chair, also known as the Kermit Camping Chair, is a lightweight and portable seating solution designed for various outdoor activities. It’s constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame and is accompanied by a breathable mesh fabric, ensuring both durability and comfort. Its design emphasizes ease of setup and compactness for storage, making it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s for camping, picnics, or outdoor concerts, this chair is both functional and comfortable.


  • Material – Aluminum frame and mesh fabric.

  • Size – 52 x 47 x 62 cm (M Size), 54 x 47 x 76 cm (L Size).
  • Max Loading Weight – 135kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included.

• Lightweight & Portable : Designed for easy transportation, perfect for those on the go.
• Comfortable Seating : The breathable mesh fabric offers enhanced ventilation, ensuring comfort during warmer days.
• Space-Saving : Folds into a compact size, optimizing storage space.
• Versatility : Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities like camping, picnics, and concerts.
• Ease of Setup : Designed for quick setup and takedown without any hassle.
• Size Variations : With different sizes available (M and L), users need to ensure they choose the right fit for their needs.
• Weight limitation : While it supports up to 135kg, those closer to this weight might prefer a chair with a higher capacity for added security.
• Might not suit prolonged sitting : As with many portable chairs, extended sitting might not be as comfortable as bulkier, cushioned chairs.
• Aluminum frame sensitivity : * While aluminum is sturdy, it can be sensitive to certain elements and might scratch or dent easier than steel.

OEM Camping Folding Double Kermit Chair

OEM Camping Folding Double Kermit Chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM42.90

The OEM Camping Folding Double Kermit Chair is a versatile and spacious outdoor seating solution. Designed with an expansive seating area, it ensures utmost comfort and support, making it perfect for various outdoor activities and even for home use. The chair features a sturdy aluminum alloy bracket and is crafted using 600D Oxford cloth, resulting in a durable and long-lasting product. With a considerable load-bearing capacity, it can support up to 160kg. Not only does it guarantee premium comfort, but its easy setup and cleaning mechanisms make it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Material – Aluminum frame and mesh fabric.

  • Size – 110*71*50cm
  • Max Loading Weight – 160kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included.

• Spacious Design : Offers a large seating area ensuring users are comfortable.
• High Weight Capacity :With a weight limit of up to 160kg, it's suitable for a wide range of users.
• Durable Construction :Made of robust aluminum alloy and 600D Oxford cloth ensuring longevity.
• Versatility :Perfect for various settings - garden, beach, camping, hiking, and even indoors.
• Comfort :Lumbar support system and padding promise luxurious comfort.
• Ease of Setup & Cleaning :Easily foldable design for quick setup and takedown, and it's simple to clean.
• Compact Storage :Despite its large size when open, it folds down to a slim profile for easy storage.
• Weight :At 9kg, it's on the heavier side compared to some portable chairs.
• Bulkiness for backpackers :Given its weight and size, it might not be the first choice for backpackers who prioritize lightweight gear.
• Material sensitivity :The 600D Oxford cloth, while durable, might be affected by prolonged exposure to UV rays or extreme weather conditions.
• Size when folded :Although slim in profile, its length and width when folded might still take up considerable space in a vehicle.

Okyo Outdoor Fishing & Camping Chair

Okyo Outdoor Campaign & Fishing Chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM42.90

The Okyo Outdoor Fishing & Camping Chair is a lightweight, portable, and ergonomically designed chair tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. With a weight of just 1.7kg, it ensures mobility without compromising on comfort. The chair’s design focuses on the user’s back support, reducing the pressure on the tail spine, making long-term seating a breeze. Whether you’re mountain climbing, beach lounging, or just enjoying a picnic, this chair, with its robust multi-bar cross support structure, provides stability and can support up to 120kg. It comes with a convenient carry bag, ensuring it’s always ready to accompany you on your adventures.


  • Material – Waterproof Oxford Cloth + High-Quality High-Strength Steel Bracket

  • Size – 50*50*80cm
  • Max Loading Weight120kg

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included.

• Lightweight design : At only 1.7kg, it's ultra-light and suitable for various outdoor activities.
• Compact & portable : Designed to be easily foldable, it's great for traveling and comes with its own storage bag.
• Ergonomic comfort : The chair offers excellent back support, ensuring prolonged sitting is comfortable.
• Quick setup : It sets up in seconds, requiring no tools.
• Versatile use : Perfect for mountain climbing, trips to the park, beach, camping, and more.
• Weight limit : Although 120kg is a decent weight capacity, those closer to this weight might prefer a chair with a higher capacity for added security.
• Material durability : The material's long-term durability when exposed to varying weather conditions is not specified.
• No mention of material : The exact materials used aren't explicitly mentioned, making it hard to ascertain the longevity and care required.
• Might not suit prolonged sitting for everyone : Ergonomics can be subjective; what's comfortable for one might not be for another.

OEM Camping Chair & Rest Recliner Outdoor Folding Chair

OEM Campign Chair Rest Recliner Outdoor Folding Chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM69

Experience ultimate relaxation with the OEM Camping Chair & Rest Recliner. An upgraded model, this reclining folding camp chair stands out with its footrest, offering more than just seating but also a lounging experience. Sporting a powder-coated steel frame paired with high-quality Oxford cloth and mesh, its design prioritizes both comfort and durability. Suitable for various settings from outdoor adventures to home relaxation and office breaks, this chair provides flexibility in use while ensuring a comfortable seating experience.


  • Material – Aluminum frame and mesh fabric.

  • Size – L x W x H: 165*53*70(cm)
  • Max Loading Weight – 120kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included


• Durable Construction : Built with a heavy-duty steel frame and high-quality 650D polyester, ensuring longevity and reliability.
• Spacious Seating : Offers 3-4 inches more width compared to standard folding chairs, enhancing comfort.
• Compact & Lightweight : With dimensions of 5.9 * 36.6 in when folded and a weight of 8.4 lb, it's easy to carry and stow.
• Versatile Backrest : Allows adjustment between a standard chair and a recliner with angles ranging from 90°- 150°.
• Added Comfort Features : Comes equipped with a removable pillow and footrest for maximum relaxation.
• Weight limit : The chair's maximum weight capacity is 120kg; individuals closer to this weight might prefer a chair with a higher capacity.
• Carrying weight : Although it's compact, at 8.4 lb, some might find it slightly heavy for longer treks or hikes.
• Material care : Being made of Oxford cloth, frequent exposure to the elements might require occasional cleaning and maintenance to keep the chair in top shape.
• Reclining mechanism : Over time and with frequent adjustments, the reclining mechanism might wear out.
• Setup time : Given its added features like footrest and adjustable backrest, setting it up might take slightly longer than simpler models.

Stylish OEM Portable Camping Chair

OEM camping chair Portable Folding Camping chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM45

The Stylish OEM Portable Camping Chair is a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, perfectly designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted with a thickened, wear-resistant, and splash-proof fabric, this chair guarantees durability while ensuring you stay dry. The cross-structured support ensures the chair remains stable even on uneven terrains, and its non-slip, wear-resistant casing enhances safety. With its foldable design, transporting it becomes a breeze, making it an ideal companion for camping and other outdoor adventures.


  • Material – Iron and Cloth

  • Size – L Size 51 x 51 x 76cm / M Size 51 x 51 x 60cm
  • Max Loading Weight115KG

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included.

• Durable Fabric : The chair's fabric is thickened, wear-resistant, and splash-proof, ensuring it stands the test of time and protects against accidental spills.
• Enhanced Stability : The cross-structure support offers increased stability, reducing the chances of tipping over.
• Safety Features : The chair comes with an upgraded casing that is non-slip and wear-resistant, ensuring you sit securely.
• Portability : Thanks to its foldable design, the chair is easily transportable, making it perfect for on-the-go activities.
• Versatile : While designed for camping, its stylish appearance and practical features make it suitable for various outdoor events.
• Weight Limit : With a maximum load of 115KG, it might not cater to everyone, especially those closer to or above this weight.
• Lacks Extra Features : Compared to other camping chairs in the market, it lacks additional features like cup holders or adjustable backrests.
• Potential Wear : While the fabric is durable, prolonged exposure to harsh elements might wear it out over time.
• Setup Time : For those unfamiliar with foldable designs, initial setup might take a bit longer.
• Bulkiness : Depending on its folded dimensions, it might take up more space compared to more compact models.

Simple OEM Outdoor Camping chair – Plastic Foldable Stool

OEM Outdoor Camping chair - Plastic Foldable Stool

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM18.9

The Simple OEM Outdoor Camping Chair is a minimalist’s dream, tailored for those who prioritize convenience and practicality. This foldable plastic stool can be effortlessly packed away with its one-step storage, ensuring it takes up minimal space. Designed with a sturdy grip handle, it promises easy portability. Made entirely of PP material, the stool is enhanced with non-slip silicone on its legs, offering both durability and safety. While it’s simple, it’s robust, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 100kg.


  • Material – PP plastic

  • Size – 29 x 20 x 23.5 cm (M Size), 29 x 20 x 39.5 cm (L Size).
  • Max Loading Weight – 100kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage


• Compact storage : Its fast-folding feature ensures one-step storage, making it highly space-efficient.
• Strong load-bearing : Despite its simple structure, it can support up to 100kg, ensuring suitability for most users.
• Portability : Comes with a design handle, making it easy to carry around for various outdoor activities.
• Durable material : Made of PP material, the chair promises long-lasting usage.
• Safety : The non-slip silicone on its legs ensures the stool remains stable on various surfaces, minimizing the risk of slipping.
• Limited comfort : Being a simple stool, it may not provide the comfort of padded or larger chairs.
• No extra features : Lacks additional features such as backrest, armrests, or cup holders that many camping chairs offer.
• Aesthetic appeal : Its utilitarian design might not appeal to those looking for a more stylish outdoor seating solution.
• Material limitations : While PP is durable, it might not withstand harsh environmental conditions as effectively as some other materials.
• Height restrictions : Being a stool, it might not be suitable for activities where a higher seating position is preferred.

MOBI Garden Moon Foldable Camping Chair

MOBI GARDEN Moon Foldable Camping Chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM79

The MOBI GARDEN Moon Foldable Camping Chair offers a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making it an excellent companion for camping and outdoor activities. Featuring a robust design, the chair is crafted from 600D x 300D PVC Oxford fabric, ensuring durability. The PVC coating offers an additional layer of protection from the elements. Supported by sturdy iron poles, the chair guarantees stability. With its moon-shaped design, it promises not just functionality but also comfort. Weighing just 2.74kg and packing down to a compact size, it’s a breeze to transport and store.


  • Material – Iron & PVC Oxford Fabric 

  • Size – W64.5×D50×H66cm
  • Max Loading Weight – 100kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included

• Durable material : The chair's fabric is made of 600D x 300D PVC Oxford, ensuring longevity and resistance against wear.
• Sturdy support : The iron poles provide a reliable support system, making the chair stable.
• Light weight : Weighing only 2.74kg, including the bag, it's easy to carry around.
• Compact : With a packing size of 70×16×16cm, it's perfect for those who want to optimize storage space.
• Weather-Resistant : The PVC coating ensures protection against moisture and minor splashes.
• Load capacity : A load capacity of 100kg might not be suitable for heavier individuals.
• Iron pole limitation : Iron, when exposed to moisture or harsh conditions, can rust over time.
• No additional features : Lacks some features like cup holders, armrests, or padding that might be present in other camping chairs.
• Fixed recline : The moon-shaped design might not allow for adjustability in terms of reclining.
• Pvc concerns : Over time, PVC coatings can wear out or crack, especially under harsh sun or extreme cold.

Naturehike Simple Maza Moon Recliner Chair

Naturehike Simple Maza Moon Recliner Chair

Source: Shopee

Price: from RM76.23

The Naturehike Outdoor Folding Chair is a blend of simplicity, elegance, and functionality, making it an ideal companion for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Crafted from durable 600D Oxford Cloth coupled with a net, the chair provides both strength and breathability. The sturdy aluminium alloy frame ensures robustness and longevity. Available in three striking colors – Black, Red, and Yellow, it caters to different aesthetic preferences. Weighing a mere 2.2 kg, the chair is easy to transport and, when folded, has a compact storage size of 86 x 20 cm.


  • Material – Aluminum frame and mesh fabric.

  • Size – 70 x 42 x 37 cm
  • Max Loading Weight – 120kg.

  • Portable Compact size when folded for space-saving storage with own carry bag included.

• Durable Material : The 600D Oxford Cloth is known for its durability, ensuring the chair can handle rough outdoor conditions.
• Light weight & Portable : At just 2.2 kg, the chair is easy to carry, making it perfect for various outdoor activities.
• Sturdy Frame : The aluminium alloy frame offers strength and stability, ensuring the chair can support up to 120kg.
• Compact Storage : Its foldable design, resulting in an 86 x 20 cm storage size, makes it easy to pack and transport.
• Variety of Colors : Available in three different colors, offering choices to match individual preferences.
• Fixed Recline : The chair might not offer adjustable reclining options, potentially limiting comfort during extended usage.
• No Additional Features : The chair might lack some features such as cup holders, armrests, or padding found in other models.
• Aluminium Sensitivity : While strong, aluminium can be sensitive to extreme conditions, potentially leading to wear over time.
• Netted Design : While the net provides breathability, it might compromise on durability when compared to full fabric designs.
• Size Limitation : * With dimensions of 70 x 42 x 37 cm, the chair might not be suitable for taller or larger individuals seeking more spacious seating.

How To Choose The Right Camping Chair For Your Next Trip?

Choosing a camping chair involves considering various factors based on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Here’s a guide to help you select the right chair for your camping experience:

1. Purpose & Type of Camping: 

Backpacking: If you’re planning on backpacking, weight and size will be paramount. Opt for a lightweight and compact chair.

Car Camping: If you’re car camping, weight might not be as critical, and you can opt for a more luxurious and comfortable chair.

2. Weight & Portability:

Lightweight chairs are ideal for backpackers, but they might compromise on durability or comfort. Heavier chairs typically offer more features like reclining options or cup holders.

Make sure the chair can fit into your backpack or car, especially if you have limited space.

3. Material & Durability:

Look for chairs made from durable materials like aluminum for the frame and ripstop nylon or polyester for the fabric. Consider chairs with corrosion-resistant frames if you’ll be near the ocean or in damp conditions.

4. Comfort:

Some chairs have padding, adjustable reclining positions, or ergonomic designs for better support.
Consider the height of the chair; some people prefer low-to-ground options, while others want something more elevated.

5. Weight Capacity:
Ensure the chair can support your weight. Many chairs have a weight capacity ranging from 200 to 300 pounds, but there are heavy-duty options available for higher weight capacities.

6. Price & Budget:
Determine a budget and stick to it, but remember that sometimes spending a bit more can mean getting a product that lasts longer.

By considering the above factors, you can choose to purchase a camping chair that best suits your needs, thorugh our detail guides above & ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Common FAQ

What are the best camping chair brands in Malaysia?

Best camping chairs brands in Malaysia,

1. Decathlon 

2. Recho 

3. PandaCamp 

4. OEM 

5. Okyo 

6. MOBI 

7. Naturehike

What is the best material for camping chairs?

The ideal materials for camping chairs typically include steel and aluminum. While steel offers enhanced durability and supports higher weight capacities, aluminum provides the advantage of being lightweight.

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