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Top 7 Best Gaming Monitor Malaysia – Budget to High End [2024]

Updated November 16, 2021

Here we will be given 7 best budget gaming monitor malaysia today. before buying a gaming monitor first come in mind is will a monitors affect the performance when you play a video game? the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES ! normal monitor have low delays and refresh rate that cant folow your speed when you are playing very fast phase video game.

Here are some best Tips to choose a gaming monitor

G-Sync or Free Sync? – G-Sync will work better with pc that build with NVidia graphic card and Free Sync will work better only with using pc build with AMD one. Free Sync monitor will be cheaper.

Refresh rate (Hz) – this is to calculate the speed of the screen refresh per second. The number of Hz is the higher the better. High refresh rate will make the screen smoother when you play games. 

Image quality (TN panels < IPS < VA) 

TN panels- Twisted-nematic is the most normal and affordable gaming panel. Have poor viewing angles and color but have high refresh rates and response times. 

IPS – In Plane Switching panels has best contras and color despite. More costing and have higher response times. Image quality slightly better than TN 

VA – vertical alignment panels give the best viewing angles and have the best contrast than IPS but the refresh rate and response time slower than TN panels. 

Below will show top 7 best budget gaming monitor malaysia

7 Best Budget Gaming Monitors Malaysia – Recommended!

1. Best budget gaming monitorLG Ultra Gear 27GN950-B 

LG monitor

this was the best budget gaming monitor on today that are seeling in the market of malaysia. It has good performance quality and very affordable.

  • 144hz and 1ms high response time. 
  • High 4k resolution. 
  • Video sync and sound sync. 
  • Support Free Sync and G-SYNC. 
  • Best wide view angles. 
  • Thin border. 
press here for the review of the monitor.

2. Best budget curved gaming monitor – MSI Optix G241VC 

this gaming monitor is one of the best curved gaming monitor and very affordable compare to all of the others gaming monitor and the performance is also high on standard.

  • Low price for curved monitor 
  • Full HD (1080p) 
  • Tremendous contrast ratio and color accuracy 
  • Free Sync compatible 
  • 75Hz high refresh rate 

press here for the review of the monitor.

3. Best curved gaming monitorSamsung Odyssey G7

Odyssey G7 main1

one of the best of the best curved gaming monitor made my samsung.

  • WQHD screen with 240Hz super speed refresh rate and 1ms respawn time
  • Remarkable responding time. 
  • Free Sync support and G-SYNC compatible. 
  • Low input lag. 
  • Good contrast ratio. 
press here for the review of the monitor.

4. Best affordable gaming monitorAorus CV27Q 

Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q Tactical Gaming Monitor Featured

this was the best budget gaming monitor that are currenly the best on malaysia market.

  • Low and affordable price fir curved monitor 
  • 165Hz and fast refresh rate and response time 
  • Free Sync supported 
  • Good contrast and color accuracy 


  • No image control HDR 
  • Inaccurate sRGB 

      press here for the review of the monitor.

      5. Best budget 144hz monitor malaysiaMi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 Xiaomi Mi 34 head scaled 1

      this is one of the best curved 144hz  gaming monitor from XiaoMi. this is also known as one of the famous 144hz monitor malaysia.

      • Affordable price. 
      • Ultra-wide screen with curvature of 1500R. 
      • 144Hz refresh rate. 
      • Support Free Sync. 
      • Best image quality. 

        press here for the review of the monitor.

        6. Best 144Hz gaming monitorRazer Raptor 27 

        razer raptor 27 003

        this is one of the great 144hz gaming monitor made by Razer and it has very good fasion looking.

        • 144Hz high refresh rate and response time 
        • Remarkable HDR contrast 
        • Low input lag 
        • Good looking with an outstanding build quality 


        • Manually switch HDR mode and SDR mode 

            press here for the review of the monitor.

            7. Best budget gaming monitor – ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q


            the Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q is one of the best budget monitor malaysia that has great quality and peformance with very affordable price.

            • Affordable price. 
            • 4k resolution ultra-HD. 
            • Good quality. 
            • Multiple HDR supported. 
                  press here for the review of the monitor.

                  Final Verdict – How To Choose The Right Gaming Monitor?

                  In conclusion, the article provides valuable insights into some of the best budget gaming monitors available in Malaysia. It offers a comprehensive overview of various monitors, highlighting their key features, specifications, and affordability. The reviews and recommendations presented in the article can be immensely helpful for gamers who are seeking high-quality gaming experiences without breaking the bank. Whether it’s the consideration of refresh rates, response times, resolutions, or adaptive sync technology, the article guides readers toward making informed choices based on their preferences and requirements. For budget-conscious gamers in Malaysia, this article serves as a useful resource to navigate the gaming monitor market and find a suitable option that aligns with both performance and affordability needs.

                  Common Q&A For Gaming Monitor

                  Is a normal monitor good for gaming?

                  If your monitor meets the necessary specifications and possesses sufficient capability, you can utilize a standard gaming monitor. Yet, certain individuals opt to employ two regular monitors to fulfill their gaming requirements.

                  How does the refresh rate of a gaming monitor affect gameplay?

                  The refresh rate determines how many frames per second the monitor can display. A higher refresh rate, such as 144Hz, can result in smoother and more fluid motion during fast-paced gaming, reducing motion blur and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

                  What is response time, and why is it important in a gaming monitor?

                  Response time refers to how quickly a pixel can change from one color to another. A lower response time is crucial in gaming monitors to prevent motion blur and ghosting, ensuring that fast-moving visuals remain sharp and clear.

                  Is a higher resolution always better for gaming monitors?

                  A higher resolution, such as 1440p or 4K, can provide sharper and more detailed visuals, but it also requires a more powerful graphics card to run games smoothly at those resolutions. The ideal resolution depends on your hardware and preferences.

                  Can I use a gaming monitor for tasks other than gaming?

                  Yes, gaming monitors can be used for various tasks beyond gaming, such as watching movies, editing photos, and working. Many gaming monitors offer color accuracy and display quality that make them suitable for multimedia and productivity tasks.

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