Sony PS5 Price in Malaysia & Where To Buy

Sony PS5 Price In Malaysia & Where To Get – Updated [2023]

Updated June 23, 2021

Sony PS5 Price in Malaysia – How Much It Cost & Where To Get PS5?

Sony just released their flagship play station 5 (PS5) back in November 2020, to be exact – 12th November 2020. However, due to the shortage of semiconductor supply worldwide, they are unable to meet the demand of the market and lack of supply until now. However, Sony sold about 9 millions of PS5 yet the demand of this console is still not solve.

Sony had finally released its latest console: The PlayStation 5 (PS5) which keep PS enthusiasts and gamers hyped since the PS4 launch last time back in 2014. For gamers, PS is not just a mere gaming console, it’s part of a lifestyle and especially people are spending more time at home during this time. Sony even did huge marketing campaigns with various influencers, celebrities, and more to showcase the new feature of PS5 – Dual Sense with an enhanced motion that is more immersive for gamers.

Some gamers might be looking for Nintendo Switch OLED or the latest & greatest Steam Deck

Let’s jump into the topic, to find out the PS5 price in Malaysia and its amazing specs.

PS5 Price in Malaysia

These are the most asked & important questions everyone has been asking – What is the PS5 price in Malaysia? How much is PS5? According to Google Search.

This time around, Sony released two versions of the console – the Disk & Digital version.

Updated: Recently a confirmation from Sony that a price hike for some countries like the UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and more, unfortunately even for Malaysia it is confirmed that pricing will be increased by RM200 for all PS5 model.

The New Official Retail Price for PS5 Malaysia since September 2022 is as below:

  • Disk Version – RRP RM2,499.00 (2023)
  • Digital Version – RRP RM2,069.00 (2023)

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PS5 Malaysia Preorder by Freebies4u Malaysia

Many of us including our team are still sticking to their PS4 due to a shortage of supply. Fear not, we will get one soon, and do follow us on our Facebook page we have the official links for Sony Malaysia Official Store on Shopee & Lazada below.

Screenshot 2021 06 23 at 5.20.56 PM

Sony PS5 Official Store Lazada - Freebies4u Malaysia

PS5 Specification – Huge Bump with Good Price 

Most gamers must be thinking that if they should upgrade their current PS4 to PS5 considering the availability and price. We have simplified the specification of the latest & greatest PS5 which are huge specification bumps compared to PS4 and other generations.

Specification of PS5 Overall:

  • PS5’s load rate of 5.5 GB/s, making it 10 times faster than the old PS4.
  • Supporting 4K 120FPS via HDMI 2.1, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games without sacrificing the quality of your latest 4K TV.
  • New Feature – Auto Low Latency Mode that significantly reduces the latency between your controllers and the gameplay while moving on your screen – super great for gamers that play shooting games!
  • In addition, Sony PS5 also introducing the new 3D Audio with an enhanced audio system, incorporating object-based spatial sound technology which will enhance your gaming experiences, especially for PS virtual reality headset.

Does the specification itself in terms of hardware already make you feel the hype of getting one? Let’s talk about the other new accessories that have a big upgrade for PS5 too – this might even make you to want it more!

PS5 Controller Price in Malaysia – Dual Sense Controller

The new PS5 controllers have the new feature – Dual Sense. What is Dual Sense? A new haptic feedback that enhance gaming experience, one of the best in the market now. Check the specification below:

  • Haptic feedback: This feature is to mimic the feelings “of everything from environments to the recoil of different weapons” through vibrations – bringing all the game alives to your hand.
  • Adaptive triggers: Similar to haptic feedback, these triggers are designed to help you experience the force and tension, example like hitting the brakes in a speeding car while playing need for speed!
  • Built-in microphone: You can connect your headset to the device and broadcast games through a create button.

Similar to previous controllers in Sony’s line-up – PS4 controller, the PS5 controller also includes a built-in battery, integrated speaker and motion sensor.

This controller come with RRP RM349.00 only and it is widely available on Sony Official Store Malaysia – Shopee & Lazada.

PS5 Controller Malaysia - Freebies4u

PS5 HD Camera Price in Malaysia – Stream Your PS5 Games

The new PS5 HD Camera allow gamers to immerse in their gaming while broadcasting with their friends!

  • Feautring Dual Sense 1080p capture and build in stand, that work seamlessly with PS5 console’s background removal tools to put you in spotlight!
  • Personalized your gameplay sharing with Background Removal Tools – add yourself into the gameplay while broadcasting in picture-in-picture mode!

This controller come with RRP RM279.00 only and it is widely available on Sony Official Store Malaysia – Shopee & Lazada.

PS5 HD Camera Malaysia - Freebies4u

PS5 Remote Control Price in Malaysia – Play Your Favourite Movies

The new PS5 remote control allows seamlessly control from your console with media playbacks option!

  • Conveniently control movies, streaming services and more on your PS5 console with an intuitive layout.
  • Access to your TV setting without extra remote needed!
  • Power Up – On/Off your PS5 console with just a power button on the controller!

This controller come with RRP RM149.00 only and it is widely available on Sony Official Store Malaysia – Shopee & Lazada.

PS5 Media Remote Control - Freebies4u Malaysia

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