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11 Best Sofa Beds in Malaysia [2024] – Cheap & Save Space

Updated July 28, 2022

If you are seeking additional space-saving furniture in Malaysia, like sofa beds, also known as futon beds, are a practical and vital addition to any living room or guest room. Fear not, we have handpicked 11 best sofa beds in Malaysia that you can achive your goals!

Sofa beds are exceptionally flexible and useful pieces of furniture since they can accommodate sufficient seating area while also being able to be converted into a roomy bed when the occasion calls for it.

11 Best Sofa Beds In Malaysia – Reviews & Space Saving

1. FINSSO OLLE Foldable Canvas Sofa Bed 2 in 1

2. MYFURNITURELAB Scandinavian Nordic 3-Seater Sofa Bed

3. LIKE BUG JAEDEN PU Leather 2 in 1 Durable Foldable Sofa Bed

4. ATMUA Perfect Sofa Bed 4 Seater Recliner Sofa

5. MF DESIGN Cartola Dark Grey Linen Sofa Bed

6. VIVA HOUZ Helena Premium Quality Sofa Bed

7. Lavino Perth Sofa Bed

8. F&F IRIS 2 in 1 Sofa Bed

9. Premium Sofa Bed Modern Fabric Practical With Storage Option

10. KitchenZ 3 Seater Sofa Set L Shape Sofa Bed

11. LIKE BUG OLLY 2 in 1 Sofa bed

FINSSO OLLE Foldable Canvas Sofa Bed 2 in 1

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Source: Finsso Furniture

One of our top picks and the most popular sofa bed in Malaysia is the FINSSO: OLLE Foldable Canvas Sofa Bed 2 in 1.

It has over 6.9k units sold on Shopee alone and about a 4.3-stars rating on Lazada too! One of our editors bought it and it is money valued and comfortable!

We definitely recommend you this sofa bed as your most worth checking out.

What we like about this one is that there are a lot of variants to choose from – you can either get a 2-seater sofa bed, a 3-seater, or a 4-seater if you have plenty of extra space. There is also a wide array of colors available, and you can simply get one that matches your home interior. Lastly, the sofa bed can be adjusted into 3 foldable levels to your utmost convenience.

Here are some highlights of the Finsso Sofa Bed:

  • Minimalistic, Elegant and Modern design.
  • Dust-resistant fabric
  • Multiple options colors & sizes for you to choose from!

The price starts from RM 168.00 only, give it a try if you are looking for one!

MYFURNITURELAB Scandinavian Nordic 3-Seater Sofa Bed

MYFURNITURELAB Scandinavian Nordic 3-Seater Sofa Bed

Source: MYFurnitureLab

This space-saving three-seater sofa bed is sure to wow with its minimalist accent and design that is influenced by its Scandinavian and Nordic roots. It also has a design that was inspired by its heritage.

Incredible craftsmanship went into making this item. The sturdy couch legs are what hold the thick fabric foundation in place above the substantial wood frame that supports the sofa. Its back and seat cushions are made out of a high-density sponge substance, which provides for a more restful night’s sleep and an even better overall body support, hence reducing the likelihood of aches and pains. Because of its straightforward mechanism, transforming this piece of furniture from a couch into a bed and back again is a piece of cake.

The high-quality cotton and linen fabric material used in its construction are simple to clean and maintain over an extended period of time. The upholstery fabric of the couch is available in three distinct color options: moonlight blue, shadow grey, and mocha brown. This provides the piece with the ability to be incorporated into a broad number of various home designs and interiors.


This contemporary sofa bed is both eye-catching and practical, and it will not seem out of place in your living room because of either of these qualities. It is able to transform even the tiniest amount of living space into a comfortable lounging place, all the while offering the highest possible level of support for resting or sleeping.

Here are some highlights of MYFurnitureLab Sofa Bed:

  • A space-saving Scandinavian design that is both sleek and stylish 
  • Quality is always guaranteed

The price starts from RM 398.99 only if you are looking for a slightly larger size sofa that can turn into a bed yet still save space and with an elegant design theme of Scandinavian.

LIKE BUG JAEDEN PU Leather 2 in 1 Durable Foldable Sofa Bed

LIKE BUG JAEDEN PU Leather 2 in 1 Durable Foldable Sofa Bed

Source: LikeBug

This foldable sofa bed in Malaysia takes things back to the fundamentals with a style that is more classic and refined, making it an excellent choice for use in contemporary settings. This is one couch bed that you won’t want to pass up because it’s been expertly made and has high-quality materials.


It is possible to purchase it as a couch in either a three-seater or a four-seater configuration. After being unfolded into a bed, it has the capacity to comfortably accommodate two persons at once. The back of the couch can be quickly and simply pulled down into a flat position, transforming it into a spacious and comfortable sleeping area that can be used by you or your guests.

The PU leather fabric upholstery is both long-lasting and simple to maintain, and it comes in two color variations that are distinct and eye-catching. The high-density sponge was used in the construction of the seat and back cushions. This type of sponge is durable enough to keep its form while also allowing for increased comfort and relaxation.


This couch boasts a traditional appeal with its square form and sleek design that enables it to blend into any interior style with ease, whether it is your living room or a guest bedroom in your home. It is offered in solid tones of red and black and is available in both of these colors.

Here are some highlights for LikeBug Sofa Bed:

Design that is both timeless and stylish.

Design and materials that are of high quality, are durable and comfortable and save space.


The price starts from RM 399.00 for 3-seaters of premium leather feel sofa bed that is versatile and affordable – this will be your best bet if you’re looking for leather-based feels of a sofa bed.

ATMUA Perfect Sofa Bed 4 Seater Recliner Sofa

ATMUA Perfect Sofa Bed 4 Seater Recliner Sofa

Source: ATMUA

The ATMUA Perfect Sofa Bed lives up to its name in every way. This four-seater reclining sofa bed is indeed about as close to ideal as it is possible to get, thanks to its appealing design, fabric with tufted detailing, and solid structure.


This sofa bed offers an increased level of comfort and ergonomic support thanks to its serpentine spring-encased couch seats as well as its six sturdy metal legs that support a sturdy timber frame. The couch can swiftly be transformed into a bed, and its upholstery is made of a high-performance fabric that allows air to circulate while remaining breathable. It is offered in two understated color options: grey and brown.


The standard for relaxation has been raised with the introduction of a unique split back function that is featured on this couch bed. This design allows for two postures to be accommodated at the same time; one half of the piece can stay in a sitting position, while the other half can recline into a flat or semi-flat position. Two decorative pillows, or throw pillows, are included to finish off the set and provide it with the type of decorative flare that is appropriate for the majority of contemporary homes.


This is the greatest sofa bed that brings both a utilitarian style and a respectable amount of comfort to your house. It is designed for living areas that are small to medium in size. When you give a piece of furniture a dash of Scandinavian minimalism, you transform it into something that is truly befitting of contemporary living space.

Here are some highlights for ATMUA Sofa Bed:

• Stylish and sophisticated appearance.

• Perform a split back function.

• Robust design.

• Both cozy and ergonomically sound. 

The starting price of the ATMUA sofa bed is RM 499.00 on Shopee Malaysia which can actually replace your old sofa and yet still function as an extra bed for your guests! Do check them out now!

MF DESIGN Carlota Dark Grey Linen Fabric Sofa Bed

CARLOTA Dark Grey Linen Fabric Sofa Bed

Source: MFDesign Malaysia

Do you want your home to have a feel that is contemporary yet not stuffy, right? It’s possible that the Carlota Dark Grey Linen Sofa Bed from MF Design is the sofa bed that you’ve been seeking all along. Whether you’re sitting or sleeping, it offers outstanding support and comfort thanks to the mix of a densely cushioned sponge and a very comfortable linen fabric touch that ensures the best comfort you can get.


This sofa bed has a more contemporary appearance because of its combination of traditional button tufting with a boxy frame and base, both of which lend it an air of modernism. The fact that the metal support stands within can be folded down effortlessly to make it into a bed further contributes to the product’s solidity and improved overall build quality. The dense, linen textile material is simple to clean and will not lose its color even after years of regular use and tear.


One of the most important aspects of the Cartola’s design is its adaptability; it has a straightforward appearance with curvy edges, making it compatible with a wide range of interior design aesthetics. If you’re searching for something that offers a little bit more comfort than the average sofa, the Cartola Grey Linen Sofa Bed is an ideal choice to take into consideration. It comes in your choice of Dark Grey, Orange, or light grey color options.

Here are some highlights for MFdesign’s Cartola Sofa Bed:

• Stylish design comes in dark and bright colors and a sophisticated look.

• Cozy and ergonomically support!

• Perform a split back function too!


The price of this sofa bed starts from RM 1,235.00 which is a slightly higher range due to its premium design and materials used – definitely a good choice for your home without sacrificing quality and its stylish design that fits all styles for your home. 

VIVA HOUZ Helena Premium Quality Sofa Bed

Viva Houz Helena Sofa Bed 3 Seaters Premium Quality Made in Malaysia

Source: Viva Houz Malaysia

The Viva Houz Helena 3-Seater Sofa Bed is an excellent option for a sofa bed since it has a more upscale style and feels while yet maintaining an inexpensive price range. It is an elegant item that, thanks to its eye-catching design, has the potential to become the focal point of whatever space it is placed in.


This couch bed not only provides a comfortable and roomy spot for one to rest their head, but it also has the added benefit of being easily convertible without too much fuss. The couch has the ability to change positions and be changed to one of three different levels, making it ideal for individuals who want to relax in the living room with a book or watch TV.


The cushioning of the seat cushions is made of high-density foam, which provides an even higher degree of support as well as an even higher level of comfort. Since of the cushioning, this works even better as a bed because it keeps you from waking up in the morning with aches and pains all over your body. The couch has a substantial inner wood structure that is kept up by its strong metal legs, which gives it the appearance of being well-built and durable. The color palette has variations of blue, maroon, dark grey, and dark brown, exuding a minimalistic mood that is complementary to the majority of the Scandinavian decorating styles.

Here are some highlights for Viva Houz’s Premium Sofa Bed:

• Affordable Range In Terms of Their Premium Quality & Material Used.

• Scandinavian Design that focuses on saving space and stylish fit for your home.

• Super comfortable & versatile as a sofa or bed for your guest!


The price of this premium sofa bed starts from RM 1,299.00 and might require a minimum of 7 days for pre-order, you may check them out & as they are always sold out!

Lavino Perth Sofa Bed

Lavino Perth Sofa Bed

Source: Lavino Malaysia

Your living room or bedroom will get a dose of elegance and a touch of simplicity thanks to the Lavino Perth Sofa Bed’s design, which was inspired by Scandinavian furniture.


This three-seater sofa bed is constructed with quality materials, including a sturdy frame foundation and anti-slip hardwood legs that aid in maintaining the proper balance. Those who like a softer bed may find this one to their liking because of its thick cushions, which create an enveloping comfort. The substantial cushioning offers excellent support and balance, in addition to being quite comfortable. The fabric that covers the couch has been treated to make it water-repellent, which means that it will not become stained and is simple to maintain.f


This couch is available in a variety of colors, including Charcoal, Pebble, and Ocean Blue, all of which are well suited for its design that is focused on minimalism. Because of this, it is able to easily integrate itself into any interior style.

Here are some highlights for Lavino’s Sofa Bed:

• It is designed to save spaces and a combination of Minimalistic & Scandinavian themes.

• Fabric materials that are used are water repellant & easy to clean.

• Easy convert-to-bed function.


The price for this minimal design Lavino sofa bed starts from RM 799.00 and originally is about RM1,340.00, it is currently on sale now – check them out with Lavino today!

FURNITURE FARM: OLLY M.II Multifunctional Sofa Bed

FURNITURE FARM: OLLY M.II Multifunctional Sofa Bed

Source: Furniture Farm Malaysia

The couch bed is constructed using a sponge that has a high density, making it capable of retaining its shape well and remaining sturdy even after years of usage. Because of its relatively tiny and compact form, it is suitable for use in smaller houses and can contribute to the efficient use of space in those dwellings. The upholstery of the couch is made of the finest cloth fabric that provides the ultimate comfort experience and also prevents heat after a long time of usage, which is a smooth material that is very pleasant to the touch and lends it an air of sophistication.

In addition, there is a selection of six distinct hues for you to pick from, including red, black, grey, black, brown, and yellow. This allows for improved customization to better complement the overall style of your house.


This is an excellent option for the finest sofa bed Malaysia has to offer due to the fact that it has a modern look and a design that enables it to be transformed into a couch bed in a short amount of time.

Here are some highlights about this Furniture Farm’s Multifunctional Sofa Bed:

• Affordable, Simple and Fine Materials

• Super Sleek design & allow good space saving that fits your house.


The starting price of this F&F sofa bed is from RM 168.00 with 2 seaters to RM 297.00 with 4 seaters – one of the most affordable sofa beds & value for money in the market now. Do check them out as they sold out quickly too!

Premium Sofa Bed Modern Fabric Practical With Storage Option

Premium Sofa Bed Modern Fabric Practical - Free Shipping -Storage Optional

Source: BargainPurchase

It’s possible that this Premium Sofa Bed by BurgainPurchase is the best option for you if you’re seeking a super sleek design and yet including storage space to put in your living room. This sofa bed can be transformed into either sleeping or lounging position in just a minute, making it a very versatile piece of furniture. In addition, you can upgrade your sofa bed with some storage boxes option beneath it to keep things. This sofa bed features a soft exterior that is both comfy and inviting, and it comes in a variety of sophisticated color options such as blue, brown, grey, and white.


This premium sofa bed has a sleek and contemporary appearance that radiates a sense of luxury. This elegantly designed couch bed is available at a price that is quite reasonable, making it a clear example of a deal. This is the ideal piece of furniture for your living room if you are searching for a sofa bed that is not only contemporary but also elegant, and it may help you save some money and space at the same time!


Here are some highlights for BargainPurchase’s Premium Sofa Bed :

• Luxurious & Elegant Design

• Good support with metal frame and inexpensive.


The price for this premium bed sofa is only RM 683.00 but it will cost higher up to RM 1,309 with a storage option and a maximum length of 1.8meter. Arguably one of the best options for sofa beds due to its extra saving space feature with storage boxes and premium textile design that provide comforts!

KitchenZ 3 Seater Sofa Set L Shape Sofa Multifunctional Sofa Bed Storage Box Linen Fabric Sofa Grey

KitchenZ 3 Seater Sofa Set L Shape Sofa Multifunctional Sofa Bed Storage Box Linen Fabric Sofa Grey

Source: KitchenZ Malaysia

You might want to think about the KitchenZ’s 3-Seater Sofa L Shape if you’re looking for a genuinely beautiful three-seater sofa with a contemporary style that would look excellent in any living area.


Its fabric upholstery exudes a sense of opulence and weight, and it can be made to feel just as comfortable when used as a bed as when it’s put to use as a sofa. In addition, the covers may be removed without much effort and washed in order to maintain the pristine condition of your couch bed. The back and seat cushions are constructed out of a linen fabric, which not only offers some degree of comfort but also maintains its shape over the course of many years.

In addition, it also comes with wheel legs if you would like to move it around conveniently without damaging your flooring at home. Not to mention that it also come with an underneath storage box function for keeping your things under your bed! The L shape configuration can be customized on the left or right depending on your liking.


This space-saving piece of furniture can be used in a variety of configurations, so it won’t take up too much of your room and will help you make the most of the space you have. This is one of the greatest sofa beds in Malaysia, and it can make any living space seem and feel more inviting and comfortable.

Here are some of KitchenZ’s Sofa bed highlights:

Versatile, as well as conserved in terms of space.

Premium Linen Fabric provides the ultimate comfort level.

• Modern design with L Shape configuration and storage box function.


The starting price of KitchenZ’s Premium Linen Sofa Bed is only RM 1,749.00 – this is another one of the best choices for premium sofa beds in the market which you can get through Shopee & Lazada!

LIKE BUG OLLY 2 in 1 Sofa bed

LIKE BUG: OLLY 2 in 1 Foldable Sofa Bed

Source: Like Bug Malaysia

Consider the OLLY 2-in-1 Foldable Sofa Bed Malaysia if you are looking for a sofa bed that is not only reasonably priced but also fashionable and contemporary. This couch comes in a variety of sizes, including two-seater, three-seater, and four-seater versions, so it can be customized to better meet your requirements. Its structure is narrow and compact, making it an excellent choice for opening up more space in your living room or bedroom.


Because of its easy-lift technology, transforming from a couch into a bed and back again is a breeze and can be done in any direction. The canvas material is extremely long-lasting and, in comparison to other types of fabrics, it keeps its color for a significantly longer period of time. The back and seat cushions are constructed out of a high-density sponge material, which not only gives a level of comfort but also allows the cushions to keep their form even after years of regular use.


Those who are trying to give their house a Nordic vibe will find that its modern design, which is available in three eye-catching hues (black, grey, red, yellow & brown), is the ideal choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be sitting about and watching television by yourself, or if you’re going to be having friends over for sleepovers or slumber parties; this sofa is certain to provide you with the highest level of comfort and convenience possible.

Here are some of Like Bug’s Olly 2-in-1 Sofa bed highlights:

Affordable and pleasant in terms of comfort & practicality for the price you are paying.

• Ideal for hosting sleepovers with your friends & family in small houses.

• Give you extra space saving while able to have an extra bed for guests.

The starting price of Like Bug’s 2-in-1 Sofa Bed is only RM 169.00 – this is another one of the cheapest sofa beds in the market which you can get through Shopee & Lazada!

Conclusion – Should You Consider Sofa Beds in Malaysia For Your House?

In short conclusion,

Sofa beds are also the simplest method for you to change any room into an extra guest room that you can use for sleepovers. In the past, you would have needed to resort to uncomfortable futons or single-piece mattresses for this purpose. Sofa beds are the solution to this problem. If you have a sofa that can be converted into a bed, the next time you have overnight guests, you won’t have to stress about finding a place for them to sleep. You have the option of selecting from a wide range of sofa beds, as manufacturers have responded to the increased demand for these products in recent years.

Whether it’s for your own use or as accommodation for guests, a good sofa bed provides you with the required room to lounge during the day and can also be used as a sleeping surface at night. This makes it ideal for both personal use and accommodating guests. The vast majority of contemporary sofa beds are now outfitted with cutting-edge technology that not only makes them simpler to manipulate but also enhances the quality of sleep they provide. Not only are contemporary sofa beds comfy, but the vast majority of them are also streamlined and elegant, and they won’t seem out of place in your house. 


Common FAQ For Getting Sofa Beds That Suit You!

What are some of the best sofa bed brands in Malaysia?

10 of the best sofa bed brands in Malaysia:







7. Lavino 

8. F&F IRIS 

9. OEM Premium Sofa Bed Modern Fabric Practical With Storage Option

10. KitchenZ 

How do I choose a comfortable sofa bed?

Tips to choose A Comfortable Sofa Bed in Malaysia:

1. Look for a good support frame likely a wooden frame or metal frame.

2. Look for a good quality bed-to-sofa or sofa-to-bed mechanism that won’t tear in long run – best to check the material.

3. Check for the fabric used – some materials are hotter like PU leather, and velvet, and cooler and comfy materials like cloth or linen fabric.

4. Best to test the material in another furniture shop before you purchase it online to see if it suits you!

Is sofa bed good for sleeping?

Sofa beds are not advisable for long-term use as your mattress. A high quality latex mattress and bed frame will always be better support as it designed for better sleep and health!


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