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10 Best Payment Gateway In Malaysia | Safe & Trusted [2024]

Updated December 15, 2022

Business owners can use online payment gateways to accept credit cards, debit cards, FPX (Financial Process Exchange)  bank transfers, and even electronic wallet payments. Payment gateways for online purchases can also be used in offline retail locations now that they are available for online businesses. The following is a comparison of the leading online payment gateway service providers in Malaysia.

Recommended 10 Best Payment Gateway in Malaysia 

Let’s check out all the best payment gateway Malaysia that you can choose for your business now:

1. eGHL

2. iPay88

3. PayPal

4. Stripe

5. SenangPay

6. M2uPay

7. Razer’s Merchant Service (Formerly MOLPay)

8. BillPlz

9. Payhalal

10. KiplePay



eGHL is an Internet payment service provider that is wholly owned and operated by GHL Systems Berhad Group. Their history stems back before the year 2000, and they are currently operating in five different countries and handling payments in more than 48 different currencies.

Setup Fees: 

  • RM499 one-time fee

Annual Fees:

  • RM25 for transaction volume less than RM 15,000 per/month; waived if monthly volume exceed RM15,000

Transaction Fees:

  • Cards: 2.5% MYR per processing (+ 1% non-MYR processing, + MYR 0.50 for ticket size less than MYR 40.00)
  • Non-Card (FPX): 2.5% or RM 0.50 (Whichever is higher)


Social Media: FacebookInstagram



iPay88 is a key regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. The Mobile88 Group of Companies is the owner of this company. iPay88 gives retailers access to a wide variety of online payment options, such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and additional online payment methods.

Setup Fees: 

  • RM488 (Waived RM 900 processing fee imposed by bank for credit card gateway)

Annual Fees:

  • RM 500 (Waived from 2nd year onwards)

Transaction Fees:

  • Cards: 2.0% + 6% GST per transaction
  • Non-Card (FPX): MYR 1.00 + 6% GST per transaction


Social Media: Facebook | Instagram



PayPal is a company located in the United States that specializes in electronic commerce and acts as a payment facilitator for transactions that take place over the internet. Consumers and merchants are able to receive payments in over 100 different currencies, withdraw funds in 56 different currencies, and maintain balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 different currencies thanks to the infrastructure provided by PayPal, which is available in over 200 markets around the world.

Setup Fees: No setup fee

Annual Fees: No annual fee




Stripe is a company that specializes in technology and develops economic infrastructure for the internet. To launch, manage, and expand their businesses, millions of companies in more than 120 countries utilize the payment processing platform Stripe.

Setup Fees: No setup fee

Annual Fees: No annual fee

Transaction Fees: 3% + RM1.00 per successful card charge




Since 2015, senangPay has been operating as an Online Payment Gateway, which enables merchants to accept payments from customers by Credit Card, Debit Card, and Internet Banking (FPX). Simplepay Gateway Sdn owns and manages senangPay. Bhd.

Setup Fees: No Setup Fee

Annual Fees: RM300 (Basic Plan), RM450 (Advanced) & RM1500 (Special Package)

Transaction Fees: 

Credit Card & Debit Card: 2.5%

Internet Banking: 1.5% or a minimum charge of RM1 whichever is higher




M2UPay gives retailers and vendors access to a wide range of convenient payment methods, both in-store and online. Maybank welcomes direct applications from merchants who stand to benefit from low transaction fees and no initial fees.

Setup Fees: Zero Setup Cost

Annual Fees: Information available upon inquiry

Transaction Fees: Information available upon inquiry


Razer’s Merchant Services and Payment Processing (formerly MOLPay)


Razer Merchant Services is able to provide extraordinarily affordable global credit and debit card processing services throughout Southeast Asia. These services include VISA and Mastercard as well as other major credit card brands. They are also the most successful online payment gateway in the region, and its clientele includes well-known companies like Grab, Expedia, Starbucks, Lazada, Uniqlo, and Sephora, amongst others.

Setup Fees: RM499

Annual Fees: RM99

Transaction Fees: 3.8% per transaction or minimum RM 0.60 whichever is higher for online banking (e-debit) and Razer’s 7-11 cash channel




Billplz is an easy cash management solution that gives companies and other organizations the ability to generate invoices and collect payments in real time. Billplz is also one of the most popular online payment alternatives in Malaysia, according to information provided by Bank Negara. [Citation needed]

Billplz is an easy cash management solution that lets businesses and other organizations generate invoices and collect payments in real-time.

It seems that Billplz is one of the most popular online payment alternatives in Malaysia. According to information provided by Bank Negara, it’s a good alternative to traditional POS.

Setup Fees: Zero Setup Fee

Annual Fees: Free (Basic Plan), RM150 per month (Standard 30) & RM1800 per year (Standard 365)

Transaction Fees: 

Basic Plan:RM1.50 per online banking transaction/ not applicable to card transactions.

Standard 30: RM1.00 per online banking transaction/ 2.5% or lower for card transactions/ 3.2% per PayPal transaction/ 1.5% or lower per e-wallet transactions.

Standard 365: RM0.50 per online banking transaction/ 2.5% or lower for card transactions/ 3.2% per PayPal transaction/ 1.5% or lower per e-wallet transactions.


Social Media: Facebook



PayHalal is the world’s first payment gateway that complies with Shariah and is considered Islamic. Riba (also known as interest), Maysir (also known as gaming), and Gharar (also known as gambling) underpin each and every transaction that takes place with their clients and merchants (uncertainty).

Setup Fees: 

Tier Set Up Fees
Platium Pro RM 280
SME Gold RM 280
Pay Per Use N/A
Sponsored N/A

Annual Fees: 

Tier Annual Fees
Platium Pro RM 1200
SME Gold RM 365
Pay Per Use N/A
Sponsored N/A

Transaction Fees:

Tier Credit Card FPX
Platium Pro Credit Card 2.4%   FPX 1.88% or RM0.80 / FPX 2.00% + RM 2.00
SME Gold Credit Card 2.6%   FPX(B2C) 2.4% or RM 1.00 / FPX(B2B) 2.4% + RM2.00
Pay Per Use Credit Card 2.8% + RM1.00 FPX(B2C) 2.6% + RM1.00 / FPX(B2B) 2.6% + RM2.00


(Max Daily Transaction RM100.00)

Credit Card 3%  FPX RM0.80




KiplePay is the most popular cashless campus partner for educational institutions. We aspire to be able to digitize your campus experience by providing a single platform that can handle education payments as well as cashless transactions for on-campus merchants.

Setup Fees: Information available upon inquiry

Annual Fees: Information available upon inquiry

Transaction Fees: Information available upon inquiry


The growth of your online business is dependent on having a good payment gateway for your country or region. The market in Malaysia has a lot of payment gateway options. If none of them are successful in meeting your company’s requirements, then the best option is to use Ipay88 Malaysia.

Unless you are a non-profit organization, it is always a good start to invest in either integrating a suitable third-party payment gateway or developing your own fee portal for your website. If you reach out to experts, you can invest in the right way and get higher returns.


Things to check before onboard with provider: 

1. Security 

It’s important to ensure that you’re using a secure payment gateway for your website to avoid fraud.

It’s important to trust e-commerce sites that sell your products. They must never share your financial data with the wrong people.

Customers can only store with confidence if the risk of record theft is kept to a minimum.

As a result, it will become critical that the transaction offerings be tokenized, SHA-256, SSL encrypted, and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant.

Additional fraud prevention tools also improve transaction security.

2. Customer Experience

It’s important to ensure a smooth fee-ride.

When the entire shopping experience can be ruined due to slow payment processing.

When a search engine decides that your site is no longer relevant to your target audience, it will remove your site from its list of indexed pages, meaning your traffic and potential revenues will also

You must develop trust with your customers, or their wallets will stay closed.

To ensure a fabulous experience for customers, the payment gateway should be optimized to make it easy for them to save without hassle from their devices.

3. Payment Option

Online buyers choose different payment methods when making an online purchase.

Most of the time, if they don’t see their preferred payment method, they abandon the purchase and consider making the same purchase in a different store.

4. Multi-Currency Support 

In today’s world, with the growing global market, everyone should be trading with the world, not just within a particular country or region.

A payment gateway that accepts global payments is very likely to be chosen over others.

An eCommerce business may be required to settle international transactions in its own currency, making multi-currency support an important consideration.

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Common FAQ For Payment Gateway Malaysia

Any Requirement when applying payment gateway?

Depending on the payment gateway provider. But SSM is nessersory need when decing to go with any provider.

Why do I need a payment gateway in Malaysia?

Payment gateways protect the customer’s card information when they make an online purchase. The merchant is protected from expired cards, insufficient funds or closed accounts.

Do payment gateway accept oversea payment or multi currency?

Yes, Most of the providers do charge international bank cards higher transaction fees which need to be covered by business owners.

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