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10 Best Cushion Foundations in Malaysia [2024] – Below RM200!

Updated June 15, 2022

10 Best Cushion Foundations Malaysia: Affordable Under RM200

In the age of natural beauty, flawless skin doesn’t necessitate full-coverage makeup or the use of numerous products. With so many different types of cushion foundations available on the market, which one is the best for you?

No Worries! Freebies4u curated the 10 Best Cushion Foundation Malaysia providing quality recommendations to suit your wallet and lifestyle. 

Most of them contain a high-quality sunscreen with SPF protection to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Many are also designed to work as a foundation, concealer, and much more! They’re also excellent for keeping your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized without the greasy feeling.

Disclaimer: the list is not ranked accordingly to numbers.


CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion All New SPF50+ PA+++[7 shades to choose]- RM108

kill cover clio

No worries, even if you’re wearing a mask or it’s humidified. Semi-matte cushion made with a formula resistant against oil and humidity. It minimizes smearing even in the humid environment under a mask and even when the skin becomes oily.

clio kill cover anti humidcert anti humid

CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion is thinner and finer, providing close-to-perfect covering of blemishes and pores. With its smooth and fine texture, it also thinly adheres to the skin without leaving a heaviness or thickness feeling.

Effects that last longer Coverage for 54 hours!
Controls excess oil to keep makeup looking fresh and clean for a longer length of time.

clio cover thin effect 2clio cover thin effect54 hour test clioclio color chart

Recommend for All Skin type

Available in 7 shades (SPF 50+ PA+++)

Price: RM108

CLIO Kill Cover Cica Serum Cushion SPF50+ PA+++[4 shades to choose]- RM107.28

clio coverclioc cica

CLIO Kill Cover Cica Serum Cushion is a 3-in-1 product. It provides a brightening effect that makes skin glow, as well as anti-wrinkle and UV protection of SPF50+ PA+++. This cushion combines Cica and Hyaluronic ingredients, which soothe and replenish moisture in skin that has been affected by external stimuli. It’s also good for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

clico cica photoclio sensitive cert

It has a moisturizing serum essence that adheres lightly to the skin and has a non-greasy finish. Moisturizing serum fills in wrinkles and pores for a light and refreshing adherence to the skin. The moisture-packed film of hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturized and bright for a long time.

clio cica colour chart cica clio

The heptagonal design enables the user to apply products even on narrow and delicate areas such as the sides of the nose, wrinkles under the eyes and double eyelid lines.

clio puff

Recommed for Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin

Available in 4 shades (SPF 50+ PA+++)

Price: RM107.28

Age 20’s Signature Foundation Cushion Double Cover SPF 50+ PA++++[2 shades to choose]-RM149.34

age 20 coverage 20 no 1 in asia

Age 20’s Signature Foudation Cushion Double Cover is a 4-in-1 cushion foundation that provides full coverage, sun protection (SPF 50+ PA++++), brightening tone up, and colour correction for a natural-looking glow.

age 20 71 hydrateage 20 4 in 1

Perfect Double Cover: The cover-blending powder effectively covers skin flaws and the product’s thin cover technology causes the makeup to feel light. it completes the complexion with dewy, weightless, and buildable coverage on pores, blemishes, and any imperfections all day long.

71% Hydration Essence: Because of AGE 20’s unique “Aqua Pocket” technology, this cushion foudation infused with 71% or more essence for radiance and hydration. It does not irritate skin and makes your skin feel comfortable while wearing makeup.

Skinmillar Technology: Skinmillar, a skin-like ingredient developed using AGE 20’s body copying technology, serves to reinforce and improve the skin’s original capacity.

Lactobacillus makes skin firmer:Lactobacillus, a type of healthy fermentative lactic acid bacteria for the skin and body, improves the condition of damaged skin and makes it healthier and firmer.

Compact Design: Compact but luxurious design case to use for daily makeup anywhere and anytime.

age 20 1 milllion soldage 20 cllour shades 2

Recommed for All skin type
Available in 2 shades (SPF 50+ PA++++)
Price: RM149.34

Age 20’s Signature Foudation Cushion Long Lasting SPF50+ PA++++ [2 shades to choose]- RM149.34

long lasting age20long lasting 2

This Essence Cover Pat contains 70% essence, allowing it to glide gently onto your skin as if you had previously applied a skincare product.

As the oil control powder in the product selectively absorbs away excess sebum while leaving moisture in skin, it helps keep skin moisturised and makeup last longer, it completes the complexion with dewy, weightless, and buildable coverage on pores, blemishes, and any imperfections all day long.

The skin-hydrating cactus extract in Age 20’s Signature Foudation Cushion Long Lasting provides moisture to deep layers of the skin with the high moisturising capacity of cactus, which keeps moisture even in dry deserts. It effectively rehydrates dehydrated skin while reducing irritation and dryness.

age 20 long lasting 2age 20 long lasting colour chart

Recommed for Oily skin type

Available in 2 shades (SPF50+ PA++++)

Price: RM149.34

Age 20’s Signature Foudation Cushion Moisture SPF50+ PA++++ [2 shades to choose]- RM112.01

age20 moisture age 20 moisture 3

Age 20’s Signature Foudation Cushion Moisture glides on easily like a skincare product, instantly providing moisture and a silky shine, and making skin brighter and naturally radiant. It has an “Aqua Pocket” texture that contains 71% sufficient essence when rolled onto skin. Its moisturising formula delivers thin yet effective coverage, which helps to conceal skin blemishes naturally. It applies smoothly to the skin and spreads evenly without lumps even after several applications.

3x miniaturisation, high-capture moisture ingredients Penthenol and Sacran help to make makeup even more moisturising. Sacran, a moisturising ingredient extracted from seaweed, has a high moisture retention capacity. It immediately hydrates the skin and aids in its maintenance, bringing moisture to the deeper layers of the skin.

age 20 moisture 2age 20 moisture 1

age 20 moisture 4age 20 colour shades

Recommed for Dry skin type

Available in 2 shades (SPF50+ PA++++)

Price: RM112.01


Innisfree Skin Fit Glow Cushion SPF 34 PA++ [6 shades to choose]- RM90


innisfree 2

Inisfree Skin Fit Glow Cushion that provides a luminous glow to the skin Brighten powder with skin-friendly ingredients adheres to the surface’s bumps to give it a brilliant glow, resulting in glowing skin. The even fit formula makes it easy to fit thinly on any curved surface, including irregularities, smoothly and thinly, and lasts for a long time without fading off. Fresh green tea water in a hydrating cooling essence replenishes and gives a refreshing sensation to create vibrant-looking skin.

innisfree 4innisfree 3

Recommed for Dry to Combination skin type
Available in 6 shades (SPF34 PA++)

Price: RM90

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte Full Coverage Cushion Foudation SPF42 PA+++ [7 shades to choose]- RM160

laneige matte 1 laneige matte

I believe that everyone avoids heavy foundations during this period while wearing a mask is still required, as sloppy foundation smudges on your mask are not a pleasing sight to behold.

Do you still have this kind of mindset that high-coverage cushions are always thick and heavy??
The answer definitely is NO!!!

Laneige Neo cushion Matte has been a favourite of  many girls due to its highly adhesive and transfer-resistant formula. With cover powder that is 2x smaller than the existing product, this ultra-light cushion compact adheres to skin for a full yet weightless coverage.

laneige matte 4

It’s also ideal for hot and humid climate thanks to it’s sweat-resistant formula, which reduces excessive sebum production and keeps the foundation from oxidising for up to 24 hours. It provides long-lasting, perfect coverage that conceals red skin tone, yellowness, and enlarged pores.

laneige matte 5

Bluelight Protection, OMG yes, you didn’t hear it wrongly. Surprisingly, this cushion foundation also helps to protect your skin from long-term exposure to blue light emitted by computers and smartphones.

laneige matte 9

laneige matte 8laneige matte 7laneige matte 6

Recommed for Combination to Oily skin type

Available in 7 shades (SPF42 PA+++ )
Price: RM160

Laneige Neo Cushion Glow Natural Medium Coverage Foundation SPF50 PA+++ [7 shades to choose]- RM160

laneige glow 2 laneige glow 3

Create a beautiful makeup that lasts for 24 hours and doesn’t fade even in a humid and hot weather by applying Laneige Neo Cushion Glow. This cushion foundation transforms liquid diamond powder into a silver pearl, giving the skin full coverage without feeling weighty or greasy. It also allows moisturisers to get into contact with the skin before the pigments. This delivers a pleasant application experience and a bright foundation glow.

laneige glow1

Furthermore, one of the beneficial ingredients in the cushion, Niacinamide, will help to firm, healthy, and brighten the skin. It’s a full-coverage make-up kit with skincare benefits that decreases redness and balances oil production in the skin.

Laneige Neo Cushion Glow is a great addition to your skincare and make-up kit to shield and protect your skin from dryness and the impacts of long-term blue light exposure. It also comes with a unique air hole puff that enables for a delicate and even application, resulting in a more brilliant glow from all angles.

laneige glow

Recommend for Dry to Combination skin type

Available in 7 shades (SPF50 PA+++)

Price: RM160

AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion 3.0 SPF50+ PA+++[3 shades to choose]- RM159


Magic Snow Cushion 3.0 is the perfect cushion for everyone, as it delivers a 24-hour smooth, flawless, and velvety finish for all skin types!

No primers or concealers are needed as it hides all types of skin flaws, including blemishes and acne scars.

april skin ingridents

Aside from that, the ingredients are simple yet effective: mineral water, blueberry extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and a 45 percent moisturising serum that hydrates skin without leaving it sticky.

aprilskin3aprilskin 2

Recommend for all skin type

Available in 3 shades (SPF50+ PA+++)
Price: RM159

Nature Republic Provence No Sebum Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ [4 shades to choose]- RM105.90

nature republic 2

This cushion foundation has whitening, wrinkle reduction, and UV protection benefits.
It gently and thoroughly eliminates sebum without the use of powder, and velvet powder is applied to produce a pleasantly set finish. A magnetic film complex is included to correct and hide pores and imperfections. To keep your skin healthy, it contains lavender flower extract, lemon verbena extract, and port marigold flower extract.

nature republic 1nature republic chat

Recommend for Combination to Oily skin type

Available in 4 shades (SPF 50+ PA+++)
Price: RM105.90

Recap: Choosing The Best BB Cushion

For your information, the arrangements of cushion foundations are not by their ranking. We hope that our information will help you find a good cushion foundation that is both economical and effective in giving you a flawless complexion!

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