Best 8 Valentines Gift Ideas 

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Single Pringle this Valentines? That’s great! Why spend money on someone else when you can spend it on yourself. As the saying goes, love yourself before you love others. Valentines is all about expressing your love and that expression of love should be towards yourself too.

Self-love;- a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth

You’ve definitely grown and changed throughout this pandemic period. The stress from uncertainties and changes that you’ve been through. It’s time to take a short break, relax, and shower yourself with gifts. Use this Valentines Day as a day to pamper yourself with all the love that you’ve stored up. 

Here are some great gift ideas to get yourself!

Oh Lilin Candle – #1 Valentine Gift

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Relax and unwind with their range of therapeutic candles. Oh Lilin uses the finest quality ingredients in their candles to produce a strong and long-lasting fragrance. Besides being great aromatherapy, a candle is a great way to add life to your house as a decor piece

Amazin’ Graze Starter Bundle – #2 Valentine Gift

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Treat your body rightt and get a healthy snack on the go. Get the Amazin’ Graze Nuts to snack while on a diet. It’s a healthy alternative that is made from 100% natural ingredients with no added artificial additives.

Foreo Bear Mini – #3 Valentine Gift

Foreo Bear device tall

Keep your face fit and firm with the latest beauty technology in the market. The Bear mini is a targeted microcurrent facial firming device that uses microcurrent pulsations to tighten and brighten the skin. A function, portable and most importantly, cute beauty item to add into your cart.

Ikigai by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles – #4 Valentine Gift


ikigai the japanese secret to a long and happy life by hector garcia bookworm hanoi

Learn to find your balance in life with this bestselling book, Ikigai. Ikigai is a term in Japanese for ‘a reason to live’. It’s the place where your needs, desires, ambitions, and satisfaction meet. This book is great for finding a purpose in life and gets you going on your journey.

Bosch GSR 120-LI (Gen 2) 12V Drill – #5 Valentine Gift

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This one is for all the handy girls & guys out there. The Bosch GSR 120-LI is a reliable drill that has a decent amount of power and an ergonomic design. It’s a great staple to add into your tools collection to save you the time and energy.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 – #6 Valentine Gift

fuji film

The film images you make are yours to keep forever. Record your journey in pictures. Indulge in the world of film photography at an affordable price by getting yourself an Instax Mini.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 – #7 Valentine Gift

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Get fit and stylish with the latest Ultraboost 21. The new Torsion System provides a 15% increase in forefoot bending stiffness for a more comfortable and responsive run. You’ll be running with the big leagues in no time.

Apple Airpods Pro – #8 Valentine Gift

AirPods Pro 5

An immersing, rich , and high quality sounds right to your ears. Pamper yourself in luxury by getting the highly sought after Airpods Pro. A winning design, with improved bass performance and effective noise cancellation, what more is there to say? - Best Malaysia Freebies, Freebies Malaysia, Promo Code Malaysia, Voucher Code Malaysia by Freebies4u

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